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Our Net Promoted Score is 84! That’s way higher than the industry average of 40 ’cause we’re awesome. This is not some obligatory testimonials page where we’ve paid customers to say nice things. This is the real deal, baby!

Jeremy Moff, Moff Interactive Inc.

Robert Simmons, Hatmen Marketing

Simon Kelly, Renegade Empire

Patrick O'Doherty, Yarra Web.

Jeni Elliott, The Blog Maven

Jasmine Andrews

Melanie Adcock, MGA Creative

Paul Warren, Insiteful

Vincent Wondra, The BBS Agency

Nait Gallego, Link'd Media.

And for some more kind words from our Elevators past and present...

Really professional. Valerie Joy Tolentino
Logical, Understandable, and applicable. Spencer Mroczek
Really easy to follow, and well documented. Leon Coppola
Excellent. Well done and to the point. No fluff. Tim Berry
Easy to follow with great actionable steps to take. Jessica Gruber, Buzzworks Creations
The course has a great structure and is well presented. Mike Hennan, Cloak&Map Digital
Excellent value and packed with great systems and advice. Peter Scott
Very well structured, clear, well organised, great support. Carmen Klammer, Candili
High Quality, Engaging and Practical. Diverse and Supportive. Jasmine Andrew
The videos are fantastic and the resources were very helpful. Lynn Thames
The WP Elevation community is brilliant. My #1 go to place for resolving issues. Esther Anderson, Teck-Nology
The exact process to become a high-level WP consultant... if you aren't one already :-) Nathalie Materne
Intense, extremely useful, and powerful. More on delivering goods. Helpful and encouraging. Lisa Garner
Very engaging and well thought out. I appreciate the level of expertise in Troy and his team. Matthew Barnes
Perfect for anyone starting a business in web design and for those whose business has hit a snag. Wei Chun Teng, XSquare Pte Ltd
It has given me a strategic plan for growing my business and for attracting the right kind of clients. Boel Stoddard, Essential Planet
Very passionate, structured and valuable content. Surprisingly active, even after the course completed. Ben Moodle,
I have gained confidence in my experience and the knowledge to run a project completely, start to finish. Sarah Page, SMP Studios
On track with the actual needs. Awesome, love that here we are, all competitors, and we're helping each other. Peter Butler, Smarter Websites
Direction and processes. This is something I knew I needed, but didn't know where to start and if it was right. Kelly Eldridge, Arco Design
The training has a perfect flow and love how it breaks up the sections by forcing breaks in between each lesson. Justin Sonnentag
The most detailed and ground-floor level training a freelancer will need to skyrocket his/her web design business! Terassah Thompson
Absolutely jam-packed with helpful advice, tools, and time-honed practices. I could have figured this all out on my own. Kaely Linker
It was fantastic experience, I have fun , great added value, learnt a lot. The contents are very professional. It is awesome. Pedro Paquemar,
Establishing more structure into my new business and understanding core concepts of the sales/marketing side that was new to me. Anita Weber, The Web Consultants
Direct and to the point. Simple to follow. It also kept you wanting to get to the next step! I loved this training, it was a practical help. Gemma Murphy, The Website Architect
Absolute attention to detail with extremely relevant content that solved many of my information needs. Awesome and very giving and well informed. Michelle Sullivan,
WP Elevation is a well thought out system that has a comprehensive but easy to grasp strategy for streamlining your WordPress business processes. Brendyn Montgomery, Avoca Design Ltd
The community is Fantastic, anytime I've had a problem or issue I've went to them and the support is almost overwhelming. It's a great place to be. Russell Comer,
WP Elevation gave me better process for screening customers and managing my business. More confidence in what we offer to be able to charge higher rates. Rex Stevens, Phoenix Design
The videos were an exceptional format that I was surprised to enjoy as well. Usually I prefer to read content but the videos by Troy were very effective. JJ Fox-Walburn, FlyGirls Media
It was an excellent quality with clear guides provided. There is no excuse to implement the entire blueprint as its all explained and resources provided. Tony Zwies, Yellow Design
This was excellent training. You delivered tremendous value for the money. The course by itself was worth it, but all the extra bonuses clinched the deal. Nicholas Batik, Pleiades Services
Easy to follow and simple. While I was on the right track in a lot of ways, there were still so many absolute diamonds in there and the format is spot on. Bjorn Bojen, Orisel Limited
I've been running a business for 12 years with various business partners trying to find the right way to do things. This course has taught me that in 6 weeks. Stuart Moir
The training is Game changing. I have been figuring things out since 2008 on how to build websites to earn a living. My only regret is not finding this sooner. Raul Colon, Limonade Inc.
The training is pure genius. Just when there are other questions popping up, there's a training for that! WP Elevation has a very supportive, helpful community. Lisa Boyd, BoydPress Solutions
Totally exceed my expectations and is already transforming my business and my life. It's easy to follow and the content is everything you need to be successful. Jeanette Elton, BLOOM CREATIVE DESIGN
I feel much more confident in what I do because I have the blueprint that makes sense and keeps me on the path to winning more jobs and getting paid more money. Leanne MacDonnell
Friendly, helpful and forthcoming. One word that best describes WPE's training is Excellent. Looking forward to continuing on this journey. This has just started. Torkild Smith
Wp Elevation has been incredible for my business. The skills and tools I’ve gained through their training have helped me across several industries and businesses. Spencer Mortenson
I love the process-driven approach from WP Elevation. It's easier to get started when the guesswork is minimal and you have the confidence that you can get it done. Ronick Thomas
The WP Elevation Community is Positive and highly motivated, non-judgemental and very inclusive. A large variety of business's at different points in their life cycle. Luke Hallam, Munch Design Pty Ltd
Top notch stuff! You guys provide so much value beforehand, you're almost selling the farm. But still, I gained a lot of knowledge by joining that I didn't have before. Jennie Lakenan, Jennie Lakenan Web Consulting
WP Elevation offers comprehensive training to help website developers become WordPress consultants with better processes and the confidence to charge what they deserve. Jay Tickle
Spot on, short videos, downloadable resources, quizzes that you have to complete to get through to the next level. Coaching calls were you get answers to your questions. Caroline Somer, Somer Design
Since putting the Blueprint into action I have so much more confidence in submitting proposals. I have awesome resources as a solopreneur to keep up with a large project. Cynthia Marsh-Norman
WP Elevation has given me the confidence that the work I'm doing is valuable. Ability to charge more and pass on potential clients that don't understand the value I provide. John Shepard
Outstanding and helpful beyond expectation. A sense of belonging, confirmation that I'm not totally crazy (only partially), a better organizational model, massive resources. Tre Hopkins
Excellent! Real-world practices and helpful examples that you can immediately implement into your business. Wow! Welcoming, generous, intelligent, empathetic, helpful, strong. Colleen Gratzer, Gratzer Graphics LLC
It was a lot like having a solid guide beside you - you ask questions - you get answers - you follow the process - good things happen for you if you're willing to do the work. Adam Silverman, Muletown Digital
Great quality, very well set up. I love how the course provided straight answers and templates for success and not multiple options and "paths to success" like so many others. Brendan Allen, Tenacious Digital
I can't believe no one else is doing this. When I meet WordPress developers who don't follow these practices I'm flabbergasted. I now have new business confidence and knowledge. Victor Ramirez, An Abstract Agency
Extremely helpful with a great sense of community. I initially would have preferred access to all content at once but am happy it was drip-fed to me to avoid information overload. Paul Carey
The WP Elevation training is Excellent. I now have a road map that has made it much easier to start putting systems in place that will make my business run more smoothly and profitably. Kronda Adair, Karvel Digital
I feel re-enthused about my business and confident to start getting out and meeting people knowing I can now give them the quality of service that matches the quality of work we produce. Nathan Roberts
I'm usually guarded in talking about my business, asking for help from other peeps doing what I'm doing ... but the community is amazing! I love the community .... and I'm NEVER LEAVING!! Stef Rigby, Web Design Girl
The training was thorough, supportive and over-the-top...there is so much beyond the actual course that I've yet to get to. WP Elevation has made me confident that I can run a WP consultancy. Alicia Kapheim
The tools for success are right in front of you which I love. Step by step instructions are provided for each step of the process. It is very easy to follow and a lot of support if you get stuck Janet Morningstar
Best resources and group level participation that I have ever seen. Beaver Builder tips/tricks, time/self-management. Re-assurance/ assistance at fingertips for about any aspect one could desire. Patrick Bianconi,
Cody Stinson
I’ve been thinking a lot of what WPE means to me. The best part of WPE is that I no longer feel alone in my business endeavors! It’s great to have a support and training community! Just love it! Cody Stinson, BRN Webtools
Comprehensive training that covers the pains of being a web consultant in today's market place. The community is open and willing to help each other. It's one of the best communities I've belonged to. Linda Long, Long 2 Consulting
I've already written two proposals and used the go wide, go deep method. Landed both gigs. I've added levels to my care plan offerings. I have so much more to do, but I'm moving in the right direction. Cami MacNamara
Really supportive and encouraging. Especially for someone who has never had any big agency experience, so no processes in place, it really gave me the confidence to take control when dealing with clients. Kev Hegan
Helpful and well structures. Very supportive and professional. I am no longer desperate to work with Clients, especially for jobs or clients that don't value my time or skills or don't have my expected budget. Victor Taiwo
The training is not just good; it's top-class. I've seen many other courses that were filled with fluff. What Troy and the team do is filled with useful information. Take it and put it to practice straight away! Irina Mc Cann,
Clear, step-by-step process on how to run my business. Added reassurance that the process I was using or the options I was thinking of using were correct - I can now just get on with the process of implementing it all. Mike Hatcher
It was fantastic. I have a business degree but the training in WP Elevation was much more practical - especially for someone in a freelance role. It was fast paced (which I loved) and Troy was a pleasure to listen to! Sam Crothers, SpaceCheck
WP Elevation has connected me with training, an enthusiastic network of like-minded people and professional guidance. This has provided me with a roadmap and the encouragement to grow my business to ever greater levels. Robert Mechlin
I'm really glad I took the leap and signed up. I've actually been in business a long time (16 years), and business is good. But with this training, I am taking my business to the NEXT LEVEL! Thank you, Troy and the team at WPE! Michelle Bracewell
The process and a shift in my mindset. I'm no longer reacting to the late-night ideas of clients. Instead, I'm setting the tone, and positioning myself and business as valuable to them from Day 1. Supportive, Generous, Valuable. Scott Kennedy, Shepherd Digital
I participated in WP Elevate in the beginning and the training Troy provided enabled me to have such a great base with the process...I continue to use what I learned with tweaks to this day. Thank you, Troy! I continue to Elevate Chamaine Woffard
The most foolproof and practical training I have ever undertaken. I gained a structured system to plug into the business. More confidence in the process and our end product. Upfront knowledge of budgets and better budget clients. Pete Sutton, Saltwater Collective
The training provided is excellent. The ideas and systems help consultants and agencies change their business for the better. Yes, it is an investment, but if you apply what you learn you'll earn that back and much more in no time. Andrew Bull
Exemplary. Extremely helpful and giving. Warm and inviting. I hope to have this community as a resource for as long as I am in business. The talent in the group is diverse and everyone is so open to sharing their business processes. Kay Kinser
Awesome. I love how the process is explained and broken down into small procedures that are easy to understand and incorporate into my workflow from day one. It is also helpful to always hear "Take it, tweak it and make it your own." Maureen Ciaccio, MhcDesign
Extremely helpful! WP Elevation not only provided me with the information I needed to set my business up as a consultancy, but they also gave me the tools, templates, and other resources to make it so much easier for me to move forward. Nicci Orozco
I now know how to start my own WordPress web development business. I have a good grasp of how to run the important processes. How to interact with client, how to interview them and how to qualify a project, if it is a good project to execute. Bart Volgers
I've been part of several online communities and the WP Elevation community blows most of them away. In fact, I've dropped out of all but two of the seven groups I've been involved in because the WPE family meets most of my needs in this area. Richard Aronson
WP Elevation helped me realize I needed to expand the scope of my services with a focus on my clients' businesses, not just their websites. I have been able to confidently negotiate 5-figure packages that are wins for both my business and my clients. Julie Wolpers, Webcurrent Communications
WP Elevation taught me to get out of the trap of "working IN your business" instead of working ON your business. WP Elevation taught me how to create systems for everything, and I feel so much more confident about my business and the value I provide. Greg Johns
The best training ever! The content alone is brilliant but then added up to that the concept of the membership site, bonuses, coach calls and webinar replays. Just pure magic for my biz. I am really super enthusiastic! Troy and your team you are all awesome! Bianca Molenaar
The training is extremely well targeted on the challenges that freelancers face as they take their work to the next level. There are so many juicy tidbits that it will take a while to implement everything. However, as each bit is implemented, the return is immediate. Heidi Weiland
I've only just begun the Blueprint, but it has already helped me change my mindset to that of a business owner instead of just earning a salary. Between the course content, the coaching calls and the Facebook groups, my strategy and goals have become more clear daily. Keith Eldridge
Personally, confidence, and a better understanding of the value of my work and time. Professionally, higher project fees and hourly rates (projects start at 3x my old rate now!), and the ability to work with the right client and dismiss the ones who aren't a good fit. Robert Simmons, Hatmen Marketing
Putting systems into place, weeding out clients I don't want using the website worksheet, valuable automation tools to implement and use, setting up website care plans. I anticipate great recurring revenue once I implement care plans and offer them to some existing clients. Sophia Basurto
Before learning about WPE, I was honestly considering applying for a [JOB] because of feeling overwhelmed and not earning what I needed to. WPE Blueprint Course changed ALL of that, I am now so excited to see the results of putting in practice! This is the ONLY course I needed! Joye Quinn, Skybound Tek Design
WordPress consultants have know-how in numerous areas, being able to deal with sales, management, execution, social media/marketing and so forth. However, putting the pieces together is what brings value for the clients – and that’s what WP Elevation is aiming to help you with. Mario Peshev
The training is fantastic, I was excited for each weeks module to drop so I could soak up the knowledge and plan my own business' next steps. I knew from the value of the Pre-Flight Checklist module alone that I had made the right decision, my only regret is not taking this course sooner! Sheila Hash, Mediavandals
I finally put some important processes in place. WPElevation gave me the encouragement and the framework to really just get it done. I also enjoyed learning about the benefits of doing paid discovery work, and how to run a discovery session successfully. That was the biggest takeaway for me. Acacia Carr
I had an increase in profits and confidence. WP Elevation community is amazing, inclusive and supportive. Thank you to not only the WHOLE WPE team but to all the WPE members who are so supportive and encouraging. This was an intensive and busy two months, but my business has never been doing better! Haley Brown, Brand Shack
The training is life-changing, not just for business growth, but for personal growth as well. Understanding how to position my brand and myself as an expert with valuable time, experience, and knowledge created ripples that will grow into large waves far beyond my time spent as a WordPress consultant. Kevin Dockman, WayCup Creative
The training is practical, relevant and easily implementable advice for immediate impact. I have successfully charged higher fees, have offloaded bad clients, have got processes under control, am far more efficient, have far less stress, work less hours and have added 30-40% to my business's bottom line. Patrick O'Dogherty, Yarra Web
I've learned so much from Troy Dean over the past five years. If not for him I would still be selling $2K websites. I recommend his program to all the newbies I meet. It is all about having processes in place and showing your value to your clients. Stop being an order taker and start being a Business Owner. Melanie Adcock
So much help from the coaches, both in webinars, on the facebook group and in person during coaching calls. It's also very nice to have support from other elevators. Just have the balls to ask what you want, better client communication and positioning yourself as an expert. A bunch of friendly, helpful people! Ben Gyles, Nebit / co-founder of Intophysio bvba
The first 6-8 parts were eye-openers to me, but in fact, they brought me back where I came from. I thought consultancy was 'gone' after the crisis, but in fact, my market of that period was gone. I re-discovered consultancy again, paid in a different way, different services/products end for different customers. Peter Luit,
An amazing, worldwide community of WordPress developers, consultants and designers who are there to help, support and encourage one another. Not just to pat you on the back when things go well, but also to hold you accountable to your plans and to encourage you to take 'imperfect action' and to be the best you can. Geoff Powel,
Training was easy and motivational with tonnes and tonnes of golden nuggets! I absolutely ADORE the WPE community! Full of fresh, creative WordPress consultants, coaches & content! WPE is a life saver and missing piece to the puzzle of owning and operating a successful WP Consultancy. I would score WPE an 11 out 10 every time! Draven Roche
Using the WP Elevation Blueprint has given me a process which I sorely lacked. It gives me the confidence to speak to prospects and clients knowing where I am taking the next in the process and what the next steps are for the project. Confidence in the process gives me the confidence to charge more appropriately for my services. Andrew Briggs
I think it lays a foundation and is thorough enough to go back to for reinforcement. There are a lot of resources and templating content to apply for yourself. On top of that, the people in the FB Groups can add on top of whatever is missing. The training calls each week are yet another layer to get details and reinforcement from. Ben Siegfried, Siegfried Media
WP Elevation has already been paramount in changing the way I view my business, and in helping me position it as way more of authority at what I do to stand out from 99% of the other businesses. It also has given me a clear perspective on where I've messed up with past client campaigns, and how to rectify those mistakes moving forward. Seth Kaufman
It was very informational and extremely helpful! I have found new sources that I never even about. Or even knew how to find! I love everyone in the community! There are so many great ways to connect with them! My Website looks better than ever. I know what to use for future clients and have a better and more confident proposal process! Yasmina Colony, Yasmina Colony Designs
The training is EPIC, as well as the secondary benefit of "training" by other members. WP Elevation has transformed my fledgling solo-preneur business into a regenerated, confident small business. Life and business changing - it is my "secret society" of helpers, referrers, supporters, cheerleaders, commiserators, and business partners. Amy Keys, Hat Rack Studio
Everyone goes on about this hack saves 10 mins a day; this tech will save you 3hrs per week. If you do this course, if you follow this system, if you implement and invest 1 month with Troy Dean, then this 'hack' will give you back 5 years. And that's just in time saved. No mention of income, of community, of the smug smile and knowing nod. John Hollands, John Hollands Agency
I was a member of WP Elevation and attended the Chicago Master Class in 2014, six years ago! Troy gave us the Blueprint to run a successful Freelance Wordpress business. I learned how to market my talents to gain clients that actually had a budget that worked for me. I still use this system today. Highly recommended! Troy is the real deal! Joyce van den Berg
Excellent! It's not just about running your WP orientated business, it's also about how to build integrity and putting the client first in what you do. It's thorough and the additional webinars are great! The community is very good - like minded people all willing to help each other. It compliments the training so well; couldn't be without it! Mark Fouet, Webtaktix
The WP Elevation training is unique - it provides useable, actionable, valuable training for solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. We have an awesome community of business owners and solo entrepreneurs. People who are interested in their own businesses and problems but also sensitive and supportive of others experiencing similar challenges. Georgia Butterfield, Prospera Unlimited
Killer! I loved everything, from the weekly coaching calls to the Facebook group. I liked the drip method of content delivery as I felt I really got the most out of the course. The accountability partner aspect was also amazing. It kept me motivated and on track and also connected me with someone who I know I'll stay in touch with long into the future. Sarah Chandlee,
WP Elevation has helped me organize the front end of my business which has given me a professional appearance, makes me look like an expert. The process of on-boarding, proposals and flow have changed my business from just a web designer to a professional designer and consultant. Hard to put into words because a lot of it is that change in mindset too. John Wypick
I was one of the ORIGINAL graduates from WP Elevation, and the training, tools and support have been invaluable in getting traction in my business. I recently re-did the Certificate, to brush up and keep my skills up to date. I can definitely recommend all of the WP Elevation courses to anyone wanting to make a business from Wordpress or website consulting! Terry Chadban, Port Macquarie Online Marketing
Troy and the team deliver, consistently. The WP Elevation process is excellent and is set up in such a way that individuals can ‘season it to taste’. The two monthly calls are invaluable. There is always a golden nugget. Add to that the peer support within the forum and the willingness to share resources plus the regular gauntlets that Troy throws down… Dee Harrison, PhiloBiz
WP Elevation is well laid out with good case studies and a lot of variety. Got my new website up in half the time and have a clear plan now for content and how I will promote it. I also have much more confidence in my decision-making and this comes across to prospects and clients. A fantastic product for WordPress Consultants wanting to build a lasting business. Noelle Leahy, Insignis Web Design
The community has some of the best people that exist on the Internet. I won an SEO quote using the principles laid out in the blueprint worth almost £15,000 per year. We've also started implementing the other parts of the blueprint into our business and are finding that we can save more and more time by streamlining our work and having proper processes in place. Matt Davies, AntiSushi Ltd
WP Elevation is the most practical and thought through program out there for website providers and agencies who want to bring clarity and vision into their process and/or take their business to the next level. The biggest take away for me was getting rid of the imposer syndrome and trusting that my experience and advice will benefit many small businesses out there. Russell Semenov
I was not ready to throw down a hundred bucks when I first visited WP Elevation. 2 minutes into Troy’s video introduction, I knew this would be an investment yielding higher returns in my business – for which it has within 30 days of joining. It was clear that if there were any business coach in WordPress to have, he was going to be the best find on the internet. Jonathan Holborn
I have been piecing my business together over the years, not really clear on what tools I needed or how to implement them. WPE connected the dots for me! I am finally in a community that does what I do (more or less). Prior to finding WPE I was in with information marketers and I always felt that something was missing. They have been extremely helpful and supportive. Cheryl Smith, Soloweb Solutions
The WP Elevation community is extremely helpful, encouraging, and more knowledgeable than the average bears. I like the fact we're not newbies in the development world...We've all been doing this long enough to be ABLE to focus on the business end of things. It's nice to be able to have business discussions, while also learning some new ways/tools to improve business." Shelly Haffly, Haffly Headquarters
Blessed to be a part of. It's like one giant nerd family that I am grateful to be a part of. It's just awesome. Love it. Need to create a new word to describe how great it is.... Having spent some time over Christmas in the courses, webinars, etc. there is so much untapped brilliance in there - it's just awesome that I can come back and sharpen the sword and move the needle. Daniel Doherty
The training provided in WP Elevation was top notch. It was organized and easy to follow every step. Absolutely fantastic course - will be recommending this to everyone I know who works with WordPress and wants to improve their business. The WP Elevation community is fantastic. Everyone is eager to help and share. It's one of the reasons why I joined the course in the first place. Tsavo Neal
Confidence through foundations of practices for my business, better positioning, better communication, better judgement of finding clients that are good fits. Interacting with the community is a great feeling and adds further learning. Now I am connected to so many people to be able to bounce ideas off, hear about their similar experiences, and learn together. It is an amazing package! Scott Towne, Fairfield Media Co.
The community Amazing. Truly wonderful. Supportive, professional, respectful - I haven't found another online community like it. I was trying to set up a freelance web business having no previous industry experience. Everything I learnt about the business of web design - I've learnt from WPE. 30 clients later - 20 on Client Care plans. Not bad for a stay-at-home Mum of two preschoolers. Anna Butterfield, Help Me Net
Take it, tweak it, make it your own! AWESOME. A truly devalued word for excess of use, but opposite in this case: I am awed by the amount of wisdom, knowledge, professional integrity and the will to share it all.Care plans – professional connections – possibly clients and/or collaborations – but to be honest, I feel this is just the beginning, should get back in a while and tell you. Piccia Neri,
This has to be the most awesome training program I have ever participated in. Wish I had joined a couple of years ago though. The facebook group is really active. I usually could find the information there if I were looking for something specifically. Truly much more organized. I was all over the place! Now I feel much more confident! Just a huge thanks! This program is definitely worth every penny! Lori Newman, Newman Websolutions LLC
WP Elevation is engaging and thorough. A lot of courses promise a deep dive but always miss the mark. I think WPE do a great job of providing in-depth training. I just want to say thank you to all of the team for the fantastic training and insights. I personally appreciate all of the time that has been spent on composing the resources, the site (which is user-friendly), the webinars, coaching calls, etc. Tonika Martin-Clarke
WP Elevation delivered what they said they would - and more! Providing useful practical information, templates and processes that could be implemented on the spot. The community is very helpful and friendly as well as responsive to questions. I am building a solid business background, a process for working with clients and small things I can do that add up to big things that will set me apart from my competition. Teri Pastorino, Gtdevdesign
The training is very detailed training with supporting materials, opportunities to ask questions and seek help along every step of the way. I have gained confidence and I am implementing the steps of the Blueprint. I have a new business just this year, but the course has given me guidelines and structure. I have a proposal out currently for a 50% increase in price from my previous website that I completed last month. Tania Huffman
WP Elevation is one of the most detailed and comprehensive courses I have been a part of for freelancers. Troy and his team genuinely care about the growth of their students and want them to get ”unstuck”. Everyone is approachable and goes out of their way to make sure you feel welcomed. If you are looking for a program to help your freelance or agency get off the ground or find a new gear. WP Elevation is your program. Go Elevate! John Raslavsky, Johnny on the Spot Web Designs
For me, I had many of the components in place but not the whole picture, resources, templates and guides. I was able to quickly identify what needed application and or tweaking. The second pass is now going back, fixing bits and making sure it's all together. Plus learning and applying the new concepts and training. I also like the way WP Elevation is growing by elevating respected members and not sitting on its laurels but staying keen. Peter Wennersten, Icon Innovations
I have been able to up my game. WP Elevation has given me the confidence to charge higher rates for my hard work and experience. Another benefit was meeting others who are also struggling to run a web business. The community has been great and I've learned so much from them. I still refer to the webinars and courses when I need an answer. But the weekly calls, the forums, and the Facebook group have all become part of my growing business. Christina Hawkins, GlobalSpex
I've been through the training at WP Elevation and have really enjoyed their Blueprint course. The training modules were easy to get through. The content was extremely helpful as it opened my eyes to a new way of doing business I hadn't seen before - even after 20+ years in business. And I appreciated the enticement of a certificate after all the modules - that was a great incentive to make sure I went through all the content. Clever. ;-) Sherri Goodman
Amazing. Extremely thorough and practical. Addressing all parts of the life cycle and not afraid of detail. I found it transformational. WP Elevation gave me the belief that I can control client expectations and project creep, benchmarking - confidence that I am using the best systems, processes and tools, belief that I can supply what I say I will supply. Amazing course guys. I'm really knocked over. You've created something really powerful. Luke Hamilton, Marketing Implementation Clinic
Excellent, it addressed virtually every aspect of my business, including all the things I was struggling with and things I haven't run into yet, but will know how to deal with them when I do. I've implemented proposals (which I didn't have before), I'm doing a better job gathering requirements from my clients and understanding their projects to deliver better results, I've pretty much doubled what I charge, I've implemented a maintenance plan. Jon Goosman,
The training is clear, appropriately compartmentalized, and digestably delivered. The community is supportive, Smart, and Spunky. Everyone is themselves while offering their whole selves to one another through advice, high-fives, or a do-or-die shortcut. It has brought clarity in my business offerings and operations. 2 new contracts valued over $15k. An invaluable amount of business acumen. A network of WordPress experts, of which I am now part. Jacob Sager
WP Elevation's training has been invaluable to me as a website and marketing professional. I am now comfortable approaching businesses outside of my local area and meeting with them online. I know that I have processes, resources, and coaching to help me. Website clients need more than a website and being a part of the WP Elevation community will expose you to the things you don't know that you need to know to be successful. Thanks, Troy Dean and team! Sue Baily Weaver
The training is very easy to follow and provides clear instruction on the what and why of the process. It provides great examples and templates and most of all it's fun! Through WP Elevation, I was able to implement client care plans which are providing some recurring revenue. In addition I now have a clear process that I use to communicate with current and potential clients. By far the most encouraging and helpful online community that I've interacted with. Rudy Vaughn, Graphic Zen, LLC.
WP Elevation brings massive benefits. We're not a WordPress development company. Web is only a small part of what we do but, the processes are almost universally applicable to business. We've adopted the processes and made them fit our business model and audience but, perhaps more importantly, we've taken the positioning element of "elevating" above the pack very seriously. We've lost a lot of clients but we're starting to attract higher quality clients, too. Bruce White, RedTrain
Incredible. The way we worked through the Blueprint and having each module reinforced by coaching calls and the community was brilliant. I Love the Facebook group, can't imagine life without it. ;) It's been a total mind shift. Now focusing on the clients with realistic budgets and expectations, and letting the others projects filter themselves out. So much more confident in the value I'm providing clients. Getting great systems in place and continuing to improve things day by day. Briar Woodhead, Bee Online
Practical. There is no doubt about what should happen. Everything is broken down into easy to follow steps with actual examples of how to. No fluff, just good advice that can be implemented. The community is supportive, friendly, encouraging and non-judgemental. It's like an agony aunt for your business. I'm member of front-end dev groups but feel like I can't discuss WP issues on those forums. At WPE, you're in touch with heaps of people who have been in your shoes already. It's fantastic. Sarah Watson, Jee Web Design
There is a lot in this course, that requires time in your week and your full attention. This is not a static course frozen in time. The weekly coaching calls, Facebook group and course online student "common room" ensure that you get the most out of the programme. The webinars in particular ensures that the information given is current and is built upon by WP Elevation trainers. Don't mistake WP Elevation's offerings with basic courses offered in other places, they are not the same thing at all. Jason Liversidge
It isn't just the training that has shifted how I operate my business for the better in order to have less stress for myself but also happier clients who love the outcome, but the WPelevation community is incredibly helpful. The Facebook group is like-minded people who are all in the same boat and have all gone through your previous failures and successes. At any time I can ask for advice on a topic (if it isn't already covered in the extensive training) and within no time have several incredibly helpful responses. Paul Carey, Expand Digitally
No nonsense, no fillers - exactly what you need to get going NOW, TODAY. The trainings are detailed in digestible chunks to implement and go. by the end you are ready to sell and get more quality clients. Making me look more professional. even a seasoned business owner, like myself, can get to new tips from the trainings. I think all the information is super valuable for starters or wp developers that move from freelance to business owner. It is always good to refresh your knowledge and hear it from a different angle. Natasha Votypka
The community is a great mix of ambitious and motivated business owners who assist, advise and encourage each other. Being involved in a community of like-minded individuals - The WPE community is amazing. There is a tonne of knowledge being shared daily in the forums and on Facebook, and the level of support people show others is amazing. I Changed my mindset on pricing and value - It's still an ongoing battle to value my services as much as I should, and to charge appropriately, but from WPE I know what I should be doing. Sean Hynes, Alpine Web Design
We've had several "ah-ha" moments that seem so obvious in hindsight. The biggest eye-openers were all about how systems and processes can help, not hinder a creative company. Specifically, we've implemented a version of the website worksheet that has saved us an amazing amount of time and energy. Second, we've really started to use the Anti-follow up as a real tool for informing instead of closing. Lastly, we're convincing clients to slow down and make sure they understand what they need, typically through discovery sessions. Christopher Schell, Design Rangers, Inc.
I'm not a member but I have used your insights and educational materials to rework several of my approaches to proposals. I just want you to know that I just secured my largest account to date in large part due to your insights - $40,000 website project with $17,500 per month recurring revenue!! Yes, you read that correctly. We are obviously handling a lot of their digital marketing needs (all of them actually). I want to personally thank you for the great ideas and tips you share. I could not have landed this deal without them. Tim Woda, White Peak
It's some of the best training I've seen online. It's enjoyable and motivating to do. Definitely over deliver and complete. Very helpful and warm. A lot of excellent leaders in their fields giving quality advice. I just want to really thank Troy (and team) for creating this training and the community. It is really obvious that you are passionate about what you do and the people whose lives you change. The fact that you keep growing and adding to the course material shows that it's really about providing the best possible training to your members. Anchen Le Roux
I've been in business for 14 years. I've submitted proposals in response to RFPs many times. I never won the work. Frustrated from spending days putting together every proposal, I decided to work with a business coach to rework my proposal template. I still didn't win any--that is, until using WP Elevation's proposal template. It has not only saved time but also helped to position my business better (leading to higher profitability). Furthermore, I've been able to use it to more easily gain work from new prospects not necessarily asking for a full proposal. Colleen Gratzer , Gratzer Graphics LLC
This is the best thing I've done in years. I wish I would have found WP Elevation a few years ago. I don't have much in the way of business background and this is so targeted to exactly what I do. I've signed up for other programs in the past but they were more general. The community is a HUGE bonus as well. It has really helped me to be able to listen in on the conversations of others who are doing what I'm doing. Thank you so much! The community is very supportive and encouraging. The community brings a whole other layer of information that is invaluable. Susan Weaver
I really enjoyed the training.. I liked that the videos were short and I could pace myself through the modules. I've loved the community. The Facebook group is always helpful and I find no one judges you (unlike some other groups I've been in). During the course I won my first 10K project which was very exciting! I have finally implemented a system that makes my proposals writing really quick and easy. And it gave me a lot of confidence knowing that i had a lot of the pieces already in place - but I just needed to refine them and get them into a good system. Evielyn Chapman, Mavn Digital
The training is well planned and delivered in manageable chunks. I loved being able to take the lesson on a Friday at the end of my week and then use the learning's from it that week and implement parts of it into my business. This approach meant you could really focus on each individual lesson instead of being overwhelmed with a whole set of lessons and less likely to make these changes to your business. As you go through the blueprint you can instantly see how the changes outlined will impact your business and know that there is a ROI once you follow these. Alan Grace, Digi Wolf
Excellent. As a fairly new business, I feel like I've gained what would have taken me years to acquire on my own through trial and error, if at all. I now feel like I: 1) Deliver more value to clients, 2) Do it in a way that makes them better appreciate the value, and 3) More fully understand this value and am more comfortable charging for it. It's a really strong community. Meeting a bunch of people face-to-face through the Mastermind group in NYC really helped it click for me, and I enjoy the Facebook group so much more now that I know a lot of the regulars. Chris Hershberger-Esh,
WP Elevation training is by far the best training I've been through! The WP Elevation community is helpful and professional. The opportunities for each of us are huge, and we work together as an informal team to offer solutions and assistance whenever needed. The community connections via the forum and Facebook are priceless, because as a solo-preneur, I don't feel as if I am stuck alone in my corner of the world. The coaching calls and Q&A opportunities are better than any others that I have participated in, because Troy and the coaches make an effort to help us understand concepts and take action on them. Naomi Lolley, ImInBizOnline
The WP Elevation training has been excellent and the interaction from those who are in the training, both Troy and the WP members, brings an added value to the entire process. The community is the BEST as they are very willing to share what has worked for them so they may help their fellow Elevators accomplish their challenges. I know the WP Elevators are a community I may call on when I'm stuck with a WordPress problem or a business related problem that may affect all WordPress consultants. WP Elevation has gone so far as to teach their members not only about WordPress but how to run and market their businesses. Ed Stott, Stott Marketing Group
It's phenomenal!, I've been in many online courses, and this is the first time that I get videos/materials that thorough and very detailed. I was thinking yesterday while I was at my part-time work that if this is not centred in WordPress consultation, it can pass as a curriculum in a business program. Or maybe just me lol! I am forever in debt in this training, and I can't believe that more meat is kept on coming in my courses area. What I need now is client work so I can continue being a member of WPE :) It's fantastic! I love how everyone is helpful and generous on sharing their knowledge. Everyone is pushing everyone to succeed. Annalyn Aguilar
Before WP Elevation, I had no way to control how much work was coming in, and it was always feast or famine. After I had implemented a few of the strategies I learned from Troy, my work week got much more manageable; I started making much more profit, and I could spend more time on each client’s project because I wasn’t juggling so many small tasks. Each time I learn something new in a webinar, from the online materials or by asking questions in the forum, my business gets stronger, and I have a better work/life balance. Absolutely worth the investment and I recommend it to WordPress developers looking to improve any part of their business. Katrina Wagner, Graphic Beans
The training is in short sharp bites that don't overwhelm. Easy to understand, follow and implement. The time between modules allows you to actually put stuff in place, ask questions, get answers and 'make it your own'. Until now I'd never been part of (an online community) so alive and connected as this community. I certainly value my time and skills much more than before I came out the other side of WP Elevation. I also realized that I love working with clients who get it and won't work with those that don't. It's given me the tools and the skills to do a much better job and to focus on the bits of the business that bring me joy and helps me get my clients on the right path. Cate Ferguson, DreamCatcher Marketing
In one word Empowering. I feel empowered to grow in the right direction whereas previously I felt the chaos of my business threatening to consume me! Of all the online groups I have come across they are the most closely aligned with my own experiences and goals as a business. As a result, I find them helpful but also comforting in the sense that there are others walking a similar road I can listen to. The clarity to move in the right direction. Sometimes I haven't wanted to grow the business because I wasn't sure it was the best way and to be honest didn't want to go through the inefficiency of trial and error. I now have a clear path to move forward knowing it's a proven path. James Alviani,
The training is clear, well structured and well organised, so you are never confused about what you are learning. It is not long winded or disjointed. The content is amazing as are the bonuses. I feel more confident in my own value. I have seen that I can be a successful WP consultant and that I don't need to go back to working for someone else. When I started the training, I was in a real crisis space with my business, but after six weeks I am so much more motivated and have the processes and procedures in place to grow my business and be successful. Super excited now. Thank you. Just a huge and heartfelt thank you to Troy, Cath, Michael, Chris and all the other coaches. What a great bunch of people you are! Catherine Russel,
Uniformly excellent, taught by people with years of experience 'in the trenches' delivering WordPress services to the market as freelancers and running small agencies. Really great, having access to a motivated global community of people that do exactly what I do for a living is invaluable. As a freelancer - this career can lead to a certain amount of isolation. We work on our own most of the time. Having people out there to bounce ideas with and get advice over everything from overall approach to specific, technical details about best practices and product recommendation is worth the monthly continuing fee on its own. However, the mountain of additional invaluable course materials and resources beyond the Blueprint also helps. Josh Vaughn
Before I had no processes, now I have process and I am starting to use them. Even if I didn't get the client, it helped the prospect to think things through. I am still learning and I am sure I will get so many more results. One thing I will say it has helped me to have more confidence and to realize I have a lot to offer. We tend to downplay our assets. Priceless. The training at WP Elevation, has been hands down, some of the best training I ever had. The coaching calls really help as well because its so good to hear other people have the same struggles as I do. The Facebook group is hands-down the best group I have ever been a part of. I love all the video's, it's like troy is right there in your living room. Sweet. I can't tell you how many late nights we have had together. lol Sandra Templeton, Design Diva Creations
I think the training and courses we got were amazing. You were able to learn at your own timetable, and not only that there were coaching calls, and forums, FB groups that really allowed everyone to learn what they needed. You have folks that were in the program from the start all the way up to folks that just finished the program. Everyone is so warm and welcoming. Everyone in the community is amazing. When you ask a question, answers are there pretty quick. Everyone is so open to helping everyone else out. It's just amazing. LOVED everyone. To be honest in what we paid for the program I think we robbed you. Your value you bring to the table and your students is amazing. I just can't tell you how happy and excited we are... Thanks again for everything and I am looking at growing with you guys. Theresa Hill, iNovate Marketing
Implementing a few of the WPE tasks have already given me so many valuable benefits and results such as getting a new project accepted quickly without any questions, improved workflow processes that make managing a project easier and also make me look more professional, and so many new ideas for new sources of income - most importantly the ones that are recurring in nature! After working on my own for a few years, I have also never felt more understood and supported that I have been in the WPE Facebook community which almost feels like a virtual family I connected with instantly. Needless to say, knowing that I now have a group of people who are ready to help me anytime with any type of business issues ranging from technical to managing clients to setting up systems is a HUGE stress relief!! Last but not least, over the course of 6 weeks, I have felt a mindset shift from thinking of myself as a premium WordPress business consultant instead of a regular designer and developer. I value my skills much more now and feel a lot more comfortable about raising my fees substantially in the near future. The WPE community is also space where bigger-scale projects of $10K and more are normalized or commonly strived after. The effect of this is that I feel very motivated to set up a team instead of working alone and to elevate my business to a much higher levels. In short, WPE has been beneficial to me and my business from an inside-out perspective. I've taken a countless number of business training courses already, and this is undoubtedly the best investment I've made for my business so far. Eva Lim,