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What Is WP Elevation?

WP Elevation

WP Elevation is an online program designed specifically for WordPress consultants. We teach you how to improve your workflow, business practices & client communication, with the support of an active online community.

Get your wings

Get Accredited

You’ll get webinars, connections, coaching calls, complimentary plugins, resources and access to our expanding online community. On top of all of this, when you complete the course you'll be a WP Elevation Certified Digital Consultant.

  • Complete a 6 week course of tutorials
  • Complete quizzes
  • Track your progress
  • Downloadable templates and resources
  • Share knowledge with experts
  • Unlock certification and badges of achievement to display on your site
WP Elevation Blueprint

What the course provides:


Module #1 - Incoming

Attract Better Clients


Module #2 - Positioning

A Premium Consultant


Module #3 - Proposals

Write Killer Proposals

Ant-Follow Up

Module #4 - Anti-Follow Up

Profit From the Follow Up


Module #5 - Delivery

Deliver Amazing Projects

Referral Machine

Module #6 - Referral Machine

Get Perpetual Referrals


WordPress Webinars

WordPress Webinars


Group Coaching Calls


Bonus mini-Courses

  • 6 Week WP Elevation Blueprint Course to help you take your Wordpress Consulting business to the next level
  • WP Elevation certification and badge upon course completion
  • Over 12 Bonus Mini-Courses
  • 58+ bonus training webinars worth over $1,200
  • 6 Weekly Group Coaching Calls to help you implement everything you learn
  • Video User Manuals developer license for the life of your membership valued at $288/yr
  • Access to members' only community and forums
  • Recordings of the WP Elevation Melbourne Masterclass valued at $197
  • Access to private WP Elevation Facebook Group
  • Recordings of the Recurring Revenue Roadmap Workshop valued at $497
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Community Map

meet the community

world class

630 students from all over the world make WP Elevation more than just an online course. It’s a community of WordPress experts sharing what they have learnt.

Shared Knowledge

"The WP Elevation community in the FB group is great, everybody is so supportive and willing to lend a solution whenever someone needs it." - Sandra Templeton

"The community is very active, people genuinely want to help other people in the community succeed." - Rex Stevens

"The community is fantastic, anytime I've had a problem or issue I've gone to them and the support is almost overwhelming. It's a great place to be." - Russell Comer

  • Facebook

    Membership gives you access to 12K forum and Facebook posts.

  • Forum

    The forum is a place for our community to share tips, ideas and resources

  • Wins

    Big wins are shared and celebrated with the community. We’re all in this together.

  • Members

    "Elevator of the week" status is up for grabs each week, with all members encourage to aim for the sky.


These are real members who were kind enough to share their WP Elevation experiences with us, and explain how they have benefited from the program.

Simon Kelly, Renegade Empire

Patrick O'Doherty, Yarra Web

Jeni Elliott, The Blog Maven

Jasmine Andrews


higher learning

Meet the teachers

Each of our teachers brings a specific skill set to WP Elevation, as well as their experience of running successful web development businesses.

Troy Dean

Troy Dean


Founder WP Elevation / Teacher

8 years ago, I was building websites from my bedroom for $1200 a pop. 2 years later, I added so much value to my business that my websites became $25k. My goal is to teach you what I have learnt so you can add value to your business.

Michael Killen

Simon Kelly


Business Coach

Simon started full time freelance web design and dev in 2009 with my business Renegade Empire and has since built a small team. His team help businesses create digital marketing strategies so they can succeed online. He’s carving his speciality in e-commerce, marketing funnels and automation. Simon loves to hold training workshops on how businesses can get better results from their website and digital marketing and he’s also a organiser of the WordPress Melbourne meetup.

Kristina Romero

Kristina Romero


Business Coach

Kristina is a website developer and consultant. She has worked with small businesses and entrepreneurs for the last 8 years through her company KR Media & Designs (KRMD). As a front-end developer, she’s has worked with Coca-Cola and Food Network on various WordPress projects.

Cath Hughes

Cath Hughes


Business Coach

Cath is a Sydney-based designer, WordPress consultant and WordPress tutor. She is an active member of the WordPress community here in Australia, and online. She loves helping clients hit the ground running with their new sites and is passionate about producing quality designs with measurable results.

Michael Killen

Michael Killen


Business Coach

Mike runs Sell Your Service, a coaching program designed to help funnel builders sell marketing funnels. He sold his first funnel business at 29 and has since helped 500 funnel builders sell more marketing funnels to their customers. "I love teaching people how the websites they build can drive massive results for their customers".

Talkin’ the Talk

Real Testimonials From Real Members

This is the obligatory testimonials page where we've paid some of our customers to say nice things about us... only joking! These are real members who were kind enough to share their WP Elevation experiences with us, and explain how they have benefitted from the program.


Melanie Adcock, MGA Creative

Paul Warren, Insiteful

Vincent Wondra, The BBS Agency

Nait Gallego, Link'd Media

And for some more kind words from our Elevators past and present...

Kronda Adair
The WP Elevation training is Excellent. I now have a road map that has made it much easier to start putting systems in place that will make my business run more smoothly and profitably. Kronda Adair, Karvel Digital
Lisa Boyd
The training is pure genius. Just when there are other questions popping up, there's a training for that! WP Elevation has a very supportive, helpful community. Lisa Boyd, BoydPress Solutions
Katrina Wagner
Before WP Elevation, I had no way to control how much work was coming in, and it was always feast or famine. After I had implemented a few of the strategies I learned from Troy, my work week got much more manageable; I started making much more profit, and I could spend more time on each client’s project because I wasn’t juggling so many small tasks. Each time I learn something new in a webinar, from the online materials or by asking questions in the forum, my business gets stronger, and I have a better work/life balance. Absolutely worth the investment and I recommend it to WordPress developers looking to improve any part of their business. Katrina Wagner, Graphic Beans
Ed Stott
The WP Elevation training has been excellent and the interaction from those who are in the training, both Troy and the WP members, brings an added value to the entire process. The community is the BEST as they are very willing to share what has worked for them so they may help their fellow Elevators accomplish their challenges. I know the WP Elevators are a community I may call on when I'm stuck with a WordPress problem or a business related problem that may affect all WordPress consultants. WP Elevation has gone so far as to teach their members not only about WordPress but how to run and market their businesses. Ed Stott, Stott Marketing Group
Nicholas Batik
This was excellent training. You delivered tremendous value for the money. The course by itself was worth it, but all the extra bonuses clinched the deal. Nicholas Batik, Pleiades Services
Alicia Kapheim
The training was thorough, supportive and over-the-top...there is so much beyond the actual course that I've yet to get to. WP Elevation has made me confident that I can run a WP consultancy. Alicia Kapheim
Christina Hawkins
I have been able to up my game. WP Elevation has given me the confidence to charge higher rates for my hard work and experience. Another benefit was meeting others who are also struggling to run a web business. The community has been great and I've learned so much from them. I still refer to the webinars and courses when I need an answer. But the weekly calls, the forums, and the Facebook group have all become part of my growing business. Christina Hawkins, GlobalSpex
Bruce White
WP Elevation brings massive benefits. We're not a WordPress development company. Web is only a small part of what we do but, the processes are almost universally applicable to business. We've adopted the processes and made them fit our business model and audience but, perhaps more importantly, we've taken the positioning element of "elevating" above the pack very seriously. We've lost a lot of clients but we're starting to attract higher quality clients, too. Bruce White, RedTrain
Victor Ramirez
I can't believe no one else is doing this. When I meet WordPress developers who don't follow these practices I'm flabbergasted. I now have new business confidence and knowledge. Victor Ramirez, An Abstract Agency
Julie Wolpers
WP Elevation helped me realize I needed to expand the scope of my services with a focus on my clients' businesses, not just their websites. I have been able to confidently negotiate 5-figure packages that are wins for both my business and my clients. Julie Wolpers, Webcurrent Communications
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You're probably asking the same thing as many other people ask:

"How much does WP Elevation cost?"

The WP Elevation Blueprint course is a $1497 investment. Along with the course, you also get 1 year of access to all the benefits listed above for 1 year from the date you sign up. After your year is up, membership is only $97 per month.

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