WP Elevation Was Live in the U.S.A. Did You Miss It?

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WP Elevation LIVE

The dream for many WordPress consultants is to build a business that doesn’t require them to work inside the business day in and day out. Whether or not you’ve acquired that level of freedom just yet, there are plentiful opportunities to go out into the world while simultaneously working on your business.

WordCamps are certainly one good way to do this. The days are jam-packed full of insightful and useful information — coming from leading experts from the WordPress world. However, sessions tend to be a bit lacking in terms of collaboration and interactivity.

WordPress Meetups are another good option, but then you have to deal with the reverse problem. Because of the limited time in which you meet, not much ground can be covered and you certainly can’t expect superstars from WordPress to show up each time.

On February 16, we did just that from the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, CA.

the shore hotel, overlooking santa monica beach & peir

In addition to shipping both myself and a number of WP Elevation peeps out from Australia to the not-so-sunny shores of the U.S., we had some friends join us throughout the day:

Dana Malstaff


Dana, a Mom and Author, grew the Boss Mom brand into a six-figure business in less than a year with over 20k students in various courses and a 30k+ strong community.

Chris Lema


Chris is a master storyteller who helps companies leverage WordPress and WordPress companies find leverage. He is also VP of Products and Innovation at Liquid Web.

Adam Preiser


Adam has grown his WP Crafter YouTube channel to over 87K subscribers. He also recently released his first product, a WordPress plugin called CartFlows.

Did you attend the event? If so, bookmark this post as it contains a bunch of gems from the day’s sessions and guest speaker talks.

Did you miss the event? If so, that’s okay. The following recap will let you know what you missed and perhaps inspire you to attend the next one!

What the Heck Happened at WP Elevation Live?

What the Heck Happened at WP Elevation Live?

Yeah, I know. WP Elevation Live was a one-day event. How much could we have really packed into that short of a time frame?

Get a load of this:

Time to Simplify and Amplify

Introductions were made. Mavericks reconnected. And everyone found a seat around the spacious meeting room.

Not yet a full-fledged Maverick?

Join the Digital Mavericks Facebook group and get a taste of what it’s like to be part of a strong WordPress community.

It didn’t take very long before WP Elevation Live got underway — and before attendees new to WP Elevation realised how interactive a day they were in for.

It started with a quick unveiling of who was in attendance and from how far many of the attendees had travelled. Then, we dug into their business profile. After all, you don’t go to an event like WP Elevation if you’re not ready to take your business to the next level.

the shore hotel, overlooking santa monica beach & peir

Curious to know who was there and whether you’d fit in? Check this out:

Who are you?





How old is your business?


More than 3 years old.


More than 5 years old.