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Here are the links to access the free training series to help you get clients:

Date & Time:
US: Sunday May 24, 5pm EDT
US: Sunday May 24, 8pm PT
AU: Monday May 25, 10am AEST

Date & Time:
US: Monday May 25, 5pm EDT
US: Monday May 25, 8pm PT
AU: Tuesday May 26, 10am AEST
Date & Time:
US: Tuesday May 26, 5pm EDT
US: Tuesday May 26, 8pm PT
AU: Wednesday May 27, 10am AEST

Date & Time:
US: Wednesday May 27, 5pm EDT
US: Wednesday May 27, 8pm PT
AU: Thursday May 28, 10am AEST
Date & Time:
US: Thursday May 28, 5pm EDT
US: Thursday May 28, 8pm PT
AU: Friday May 29, 10am AEST

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