Content Marketing Hack: The Content Shredder

Creating content can be a daunting task for any business owner. You’ve heard it a million times – content is king, especially when it comes to getting the attention of your ideal customers and building authority. Yet, finding the time to actually create content for all the different platforms becomes an overwhelming task and tends to get pushed to the back of the priority list. Your weekly blog post turns into a yearly update and the only time your clients seem to see content from you is in the form of an unpaid invoice reminder….

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Why Creating Content Might Actually Be Hurting Your Business

Why Creating Content might be hurting your business I’m just going to say it… Stop wasting your time creating content! You’ve probably heard that creating content is the best way to get organic leads right? So you might be trying your hand at one or more of the following: Blogging Podcasting Emails Social Media Videos So now I want you to ask yourself: Is my content bringing in new leads? Do I have high engagement on social media? How much time (which = money) is being spent on creating content Vs how much money content…

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Content Marketing 101 with Jeff Bullas

So to help you with your content marketing, we’ve dived back into the vault and found this incredibly helpful podcast where I interviewed my good friend Jeff Bullas who is the man when it comes to blogging, content marketing and gaining maximum exposure.

This is a republish of a post from 2017 but it’s still highly relevant. Enjoy!

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Shopify vs. WooCommerce: Which Is the Best E-Commerce Platform for You?

Similar to the debate between page builder plugins, it makes sense why people are torn between two of the leading e-commerce platforms in use today. That’s especially so for those of you who make a living building e-commerce sites for clients. You want the software you choose to be the best solution for them as well as for your business. The Shopify vs. WooCommerce debate is one that comes up frequently in the Digital Mavericks Facebook group, so we figured it’s about time we put the matter to rest. Today, we’re going to help you…

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How to Manage Your Money to Grow Your Business With Nev Harris

When it comes to the finances of your business, would you say that you have a complete handle on it? Most agency owners don’t. And there are so many reasons why. Firstly, you’re not an accountant and you don’t have time to become one right? Secondly, it’s scary, overwhelming, confusing… and can I say it? A little boring.

Nev Harris is one of our Mavericks who is the man when it comes to helping agency owners and freelancers manage their money. What is great about his advice is that he keeps it simple, so you won’t be overwhelmed… trust me.

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Online Courses for Digital Business From start-up to scale, we’ve developed the courses, community and coaching to elevate your business. CLIENTS The Client Acquisition Formula​ A four-week program that shows you how to create your own repeatable system and process for attracting high-paying clients on-command. Coach: Troy Dean Learn more FUNNELS High Ticket Sales Funnels​ A proven system for consistently attracting high-quality, pre-qualified leads to your service-based business on autopilot. Coaches: Troy Dean & Dave Foy Learn more POSITIONING The WP Elevation Blueprint​ Our flagship 6-week program about mastering essential business skills, practices and techniques…

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Careers at WP Elevation Explore Roles Why work for us? Explore our Roles. We are always looking for great people to join the WP Elevation family. Even if we don’t have any roles below available at the moment, or the current vacancies are not in your sweet spot and you are too awesome for us to pass up, send us your CV so we don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring you onto the team. Current Vacancies. Interested in Joining Our Team? Currently we are not hiring, but you if you are interested in…

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The Benefits of Hiring a Team According to Mario Peshev

Mario Peshev, the founder and CEO of WordPress development agency DevriX, sheds some light on how he’s handled hiring a team, from the early days of the agency to today. With a team of about 50 people working for the agency, Mario has also had to focus on creating processes and systems to ensure that everyone and everything runs as efficiently as possible.

Tune into this episode of the WP Elevation podcast to get a major dose of hiring and team management inspiration.

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Kim Barrett Shares the Keys to Business Success

Kim Barrett is the founder of Your Social Voice, a social media lead generation agency and a best-selling author and speaker. But that’s not really what he came to the WP Elevation podcast to talk about. Instead, he and Troy touch upon his entrepreneurial beginnings as well as how he’s found lasting business success working in the Facebook advertising space.

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How to Make 3-5X More in Your Consulting Business Using Facebook Ads

How to Make 3-5X More in Your Consulting Business Using Facebook Ads Do you ever sit at your desk and think: “What can I do today to find more leads?” Or: “Who was it that I needed to follow up with again?” Lead generation is hard work when you do it this way (i.e. without a steady source of leads or a system to manage it all). It’s costly, too. Imagine how much more money you’d make if your inbound marketing strategy consistently pushed new leads into your funnel every day while you worked on…

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Facebook Secret VIP Training

Check Your Email Inbox for the Checklist. In the meantime, watch this free training video and discover Kim Barrett’s unique NOC method for profitable Facebook Ads. Join the free Digital Mavericks Facebook group and learn from Kim Barrett, Troy Dean, Dana Malstaff, Dave Foy and thousands of other digital marketers and consultants. Join the Group

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6 Tips from the WP Elevation Podcast That Will Revolutionise Your Business Operations

One of the especially cool things about the WP Elevation podcast is that every guest comes with a unique story. And, yet, those unique stories all tend to have a similar thread running throughout them: Operating a business and making money isn’t difficult… anymore. This is what I had to do to take control of my narrative. Revolutionise Your Business Operations with the Help of the WP Elevation Podcast Today, the WP Elevation podcast has done close to 250 episodes. Although those episodes feature a wide array of subject matter experts, there are common themes…

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