Tools and Tips for Getting Paid

Getting paid for a service should be pretty straightforward right? But if you’re running a digital agency you’d know that it’s anything but straightforward. In fact, sometimes it’s an absolute headache. But with these tips for getting paid, you’ll probably never have to experience these issues again: Clients disappearing before you’re about to launch the site leaving you out of pocket Chasing up payments for finished work Doing small changes for clients after finishing the website for free Feeling obligated to discount when a client is having money issues Check Your Mindset Before I even…

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How to Skyrocket Website Sales with Split Testing

The amount of money your business generates — and the ease with which it happens — isn’t necessarily dependent on how much more you do. Oftentimes, you can make more revenue with what you already have. Let’s say, for example, you’re disappointed with your monthly sales numbers. So, you start looking at ways to increase your product offering, do more content marketing and increase your ad spend. While those are all viable options, they might not have a significant impact if the website you’re driving traffic to and through isn’t the best it can be….

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How to Make Self-care a Priority for 2020

Many business owners make the mistake of putting their business’s needs (and sometimes everyone else’s needs) before their own. They justify it by telling themselves: “Someday things will be easier.” “I’ll have more money to take care of it then.” “There’ll be time for that later.” If you’ve been in that position, you know those are just excuses you tell yourself to get through another day, week or month of business while continuing to ignore your own needs. Here’s why this is a problem: You are one of the most critical assets to your business….

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Content marketing

The Content Framework: How to use content as a lead magnet

Merry Christmas everyone!! If you’re reading this on Christmas Day, perhaps you’re like me and finally have some time to watch those videos and read those blog posts that you don’t usually have time for! So sit back, relax while I explain how to create epic content that you can use as a lead magnet. I was chatting to one of our Mavericks Club members the other day about how to produce epic content to bring in organic leads. A piece of content that you can also use in your paid advertising strategies, and share…

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How to bootstrap your business

How to Bootstrap Your Business to Profitability

When bootstrapping a business, you have to start with the mentality that less is more. You don’t need investors, a large team of creatives or an excessive amount of tools “just in case”. Instead, start with the basics, do as much as you can on your own and run as lean as possible until you have the revenue to scale. Bootstrapping is a really great way to start a business as it teaches you to make wiser, data-driven decisions and to be more efficient in everything you do. But how do you make sure all…

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ManyChat Tutorial

ManyChat Tutorial: How to have effective conversations with your audience on Facebook

In this video, I explain our content creation framework and specifically how you can use it to program conversations in ManyChat. Our go-to framework for creating any piece of content is to always start with the promise of the content. In other words, why should someone give up some of their time to consume your content? For example, the promise that I’m giving you for this video is that I’m going to teach you the content creation framework and how to apply it to ManyChat. I also need to explain that ManyChat is a great…

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facebook ads

4 Social Media Tips for Big Business Growth

One of the problems with many roundups that cover social media tips is that they usually focus on the basics. What day of the week should I post? How big does my profile image need to be? Which platforms get the most engagement? These are all good things to know, but they’re not necessarily game-changers. It’s more important to work on developing a game plan for social rather than checking items off a list of generic tips. So, today, we’re going to review 4 social media tips that will get your posts more engagement, your…

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Troy Dean

2019 Recap: The Top 10 Episodes, WP Elevation Milestones and More

In the final episode for 2019, Troy looks over the past year and celebrates milestones both within and outside the walls of the podcast studio. But that’s not all. He recaps the top 10 episodes of the WP Elevation podcast along with all the really cool resources and insights that came out of them.

Want to give your brain and business a major workout one more time before the year ends? Give this episode a listen or check out the shownotes below.

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Facebook Ads Hack: warm traffic vs cold traffic

With the launch of our Facebook Ads Accelerator course happening this week,  I’ve been getting quite a few questions about Facebook ads and how to use them to get more leads for your business or for your client’s business. So in this whiteboard lesson, I want to talk about the difference between warm traffic and cold traffic, and give you something super practical that you can dial in to start getting better-qualified leads for your business at a cheaper rate. Okay, so first you need to have your “conversion page” all set up. That could…

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The Best Digital Advertising Platforms for Your Agency

In order to grow your agency, you need to have a steady stream of traffic flowing into it. SEO will certainly help with this, but it usually takes a while before you start to reap the benefits of all that work. To maximise your results and shorten the amount of time you start seeing the deluge of traffic coming in, you need to invest in digital advertising. But where do you start? Below, we’re going to review the best digital advertising platforms for freelancers and digital agencies: Google YouTube LinkedIn Twitter Facebook For those of…

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Simon Kelly

How to Measure the Health of Your Business with Simon Kelly

In this episode of the podcast, Simon Kelly and Troy Dean reunite to talk about how to measure the health of your business with five key metrics. But it’s not just about measuring positive or negative cash flow. The scorecard they present assesses both the health of your business as well as you the business owner. Watch the video or keep reading below to find out why that matters.

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UTM Parameters: how to use them to learn more about your audience

As many of you know, after I filmed the Content Strategy Blueprint with Dana Malstaff, I had to rethink our whole content strategy. And one of the things I want to do is be totally transparent with you and show you how we run our business. After all, you need to know that you’re learning from people that are actually walking the walk right? So, in order to be a bit more transparent with you, we’ve created a new series of whiteboard lessons. If you missed last week’s episode then check it out here. In…

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Entrepreneurial Burnout: The dark side of being too committed to your business

You’ve heard it. We’ve heard it. We’ve all heard it… Giving up the security of your regular paycheck in favour of starting your own business is risky, especially if you’re the sole breadwinner, and you don’t have a sizable financial cushion to help pave your way. Yet every year, millions of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world take the leap, and choose to “go it alone.” If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of them. Congratulations! Not only have you done something that so many people dream of, but chances are you’re succeeding in spite of…

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It’s On The Way

Thanks for downloading the Quarterly Review Template! Check your inbox shortly for details. In the meantime, if you’re serious about growing your digital business, then one of the most powerful skills you can have is to learn how to generate leads and sales with Facebook Ads. We’ve developed our course “The Facebook Ads Blueprint” to help you set up a proven system to run profitable Facebook ads for your business and for your clients.  To learn more, watch this 30-second video and access the course at the link below. VIEW THE COURSE Join the…

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Annie Wright’s Tips for Using Neuroplasticity to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

If you’ve never heard the term “neuroplasticity” before, this episode of the WP Elevation podcast will change that.

Psychotherapist and coach Annie Wright join Troy to explain how negative self-talk and beliefs can affect every aspect of our lives, including our businesses. She breaks down the concept of neuroplasticity and how it can be used to condition ourselves to have a more positive mindset and overcome impostor syndrome in the process.

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