freelancers making a change

A Freelancer’s Guide to Making a Difference and Making a Living

We often think that ‘doing good’ is something we do on the side – with our spare time and spare money. But what if ‘doing good’ could actually be ‘good for your business’? Before we get all altruistic, let’s get real… Being a freelancer can be tough. We wear all the hats, and shoulder all the responsibility. And when we’re not busting our arse to get client projects out the door, we’re stressing about where our next client is going to come from. When you’re hustling just to survive, it can be hard to find…

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financial spreadsheet template

The Only Financial Spreadsheet You Need For Your Business

In this video, I reveal the only spreadsheet you need to run a successful business and grow your revenue.  I will also give your own free copy and show you exactly how to fill it out.  But first…  Who is This Spreadsheet For? If you are a freelancer or small business owner offering services in the creative space (such as marketing, web design or business consulting) then this spreadsheet is for you. Are you?… Making somewhere between 70 and 100k a year in revenue? Doing most of the work yourself? Not paying yourself a salary?…

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How to Attract Qualified Leads With SEO

Does SEO work for Lead Generation? This is a common concern for business owners as investing their marketing efforts into SEO can be seen as throwing money into a wishing well and hoping for the best. Usually, they prefer to spend their marketing budget on ads, because they have known what an advert is from an incredibly young age, but are unsure what SEO is, or how it benefits their business. Let’s instantly switch your mindset to see the positive benefits of SEO. If you’ve ever needed a product or service and are not sure…

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Facebook Community

The Ultimate Guide to Running a Facebook Group to Grow Your Business

Creating your own Facebook group is an effective way to get in front of your target audience at no cost. A Facebook group is a community which is built around common interests or goals such as fitness or even your dog breed! However, these days it’s becoming much more common to run Facebook groups as a way to build your business. Here at WP Elevation, we have a Facebook Group called Digital Mavericks. This is a supportive and helpful group that helps freelancers, website developers, and digital marketing agencies grow their business. We’ve grown our…

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The WP Elevation Community Looking for your tribe? Being a digital creative can be a tough and lonely journey at times. It doesn’t have to be like that. WP Elevation has an immensely supportive and knowledgeable community, with members at every stage of the journey. From those just starting out to those running successful digital agencies, we have the training, coaches, and community to help you elevate to the next level. + 0 Students + 0 Countries 0 Online Courses 0 Net Promoter Score Guidance. Accountability. Family. Community. At WP Elevation, we help digital marketing…

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How This Busy Mother Transformed Her Web Design Business

Often, all it takes is just one new idea to change the way you think about your business. It’s what happened to this mother who transformed her web design business after seven years of stagnation with the help of the Client Acquisition Formula.   Before discovering WP Elevation, Jeanette Elton was a stay-at-home mum trying to build her web design business – Bloom Creative.  She never fully committed despite being in the industry for almost seven years. The main thing that stopped her was having to care for her elderly parents who were ill, as…

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Digital Agency Coaching

Digital Agency Coaching & Mentoring for Online Success As featured in Is your digital marketing agency operating to the best of its ability? Are you stressed and working over-time, yet not generating the results you envisioned? The members of Mavericks Club were also once in your position. They wanted to grow their agencies but didn’t know where to seek help. Now, they own and operate thriving businesses around the world. They are more profitable than ever, have made connections with like-minded digital marketing entrepreneurs, and have more time for what’s important. They have transformed their…

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HTSF – Marketing & Sales Conversion Funnel

High Ticket Sales & Marketing Conversion Funnel Course As featured in If you’re a freelancer or digital marketing agency owner, you have dealt with the endless cycle of unstable work & frustrating clients in a time-for-money business model. This is the way that most businesses operate, but it is not necessarily the way they succeed. In the early days of an entrepreneur’s life, juggling multiple roles, working around the clock, and barely making ends meet is a humbling reality. The laptop lifestyle, rapid growth, and incredible success you once imagined seem even further away. This…

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Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition Strategies for Proven Success As featured in For digital marketing freelancers and agency owners, not knowing where your next client is coming from is a common problem. The solution is a proven customer acquisition strategy- a critical component of any successful business. The frustration of unstable monthly revenue is exhausting. Where will your next client come from? What are you going to do for the next month with no upcoming projects? Why did you leave the security of a weekly employee paycheck for a freelancer’s stressful lifestyle? If you have experienced this frustration-…

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Web Designer Course

How to Become A Web Designer As featured in The demand for talented and reliable web developers has never been greater. Thanks to sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer, however, there has also never been so much competition and choice for consumers. Standing out as a web designer and developer is an integral part of success. Unfortunately, your excellent graphic design or coding skills are no longer enough to skyrocket your client list and revenue. Nowadays, people expect to work with a web developer who also runs an efficient business. WP Elevation can help you…

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Facebook Ads Training

Facebook Ads Training and Courses As featured in Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with an astounding 1.63 billion daily users. When executed correctly, Facebook Ads are a highly effective paid marketing tool, able to reach a specific target audience, and generate outstanding results. Many small business owners are dependent on word-of-mouth recommendations. While referrals can generate some significant work, they are not reliable or stable in the long term. Often, business owners are left with an unpredictable flow of work, lacking a stable monthly revenue. This perpetuates small business owners…

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4 Strategies to Grow Your Web Design Business

So, you are thinking about how to make your web design business thrive? Given the ever-increasing market and the growing competition, this can truly be a winding road. But, fear not, because you are on the right track of reaching success with the right guidance and set goals. How you may ask? We’ve decided to share a few actionable tips that should help you grow your own web design business. This article will help you overcome the obstacles and get ahead of the curve in no time! So, here’s a sneak peek into how to…

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2018 Christmas Celebration

Start & Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency & Web Design Business WP Elevation is an online community specifically for freelancers, website developers, and digital marketing agencies to help start, and grow their own web business. We offer online courses and training including new web client acquisition strategies, marketing and sales conversion funnels, Facebook Ads training & business coaching! WP Elevation Courses 2018 SEASONS GREETINGS Happy Holidays from WP Elevation you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!The WP Elevation Team.

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Book Troy Dean from WP Elevation on your Podcast

TROY WANTS TO BE A GUEST ON YOUR PODCAST WHO IS TROY DEAN? Troy Dean is the co-founder of Video User Manuals and WP Elevation – an online program and community designed specifically for WordPress consultants, teaching improved workflow, business practices and client communication. He’s been building WordPress websites for over 10 years and has spoken at WordCamps around the world. The reason he gets out of bed every day is because he loves helping WordPress consultants build successful businesses! READ ENOUGH? BOOK TROY ON YOUR PODCAST NOW TROY LOVES TO TALK ALL THINGS WORDPRESS,…

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