Our ridiculously uncomplicated step-by-step process for creating highly effective top-of-funnel, lead gen ad campaigns

When your average monthly revenue is anything but predictably stable, it’s a wildly uncomfortable place to be.

Especially when you’re trying to demonstrate to your partner that starting your own business was the right decision, or prove to your former work colleagues that your business won’t be one of the eight-out-of-ten startups that fail within their first year.

Of course, not every month is quite so tight.

Some months, clients come along like buses, you’re juggling multiple projects, and working around the clock to deliver what you promise, on time, and to a standard you can be proud of.

And you are proud –– especially when referrals come you way.

But when those word-of-mouth leads dry up and you realise you’re looking ahead at a month where you have nothing but time on your hands?

That’s an express ticket to the am-I-really-cut-out-for-this-doldrums, via maybe-I’m-not-as-talented-as-I-thought-I-was alley.

Needless to say, not having a robust lead system for generating leads can massively impact your confidence.

Because here’s the thing that not nearly enough people are talking about:

You can’t do your best work, never mind show up as your best self when you’re continually operating from survival mode.

Not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from is mentally exhausting.

Moreover, it keeps you feeling and broke, and stops you from living the life of freedom that you left traditional employment for in the first place.

But most importantly, it keeps you stuck, playing small in your business, and acting like an employee, instead of operating like the six or even seven-figure agency owner that you know you have the potential to be.

But what if there was a less stressful way to fill your client pipeline?

Good news! There is!

You can exceed all these goals with a simple yet highly effective Facebook ads strategy.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last ten years or so, chances are you’re one of Facebook’s 1.62 billion daily active users (DAUs).

Every year, more and more people around the world join the platform, and according to current stats, DAUs are increasing at a rate of 9% year-on-year. With this number of people concentrated in one place every day, it’s highly unlikely that your ideal clients aren’t hanging out on the platform.

When implemented correctly, Facebook advertising gives you the ability to reach your exact audience, making it the most laser-targeting form of paid media.

Unlike content marketing and SEO, Facebook ads can yield leads and sales within hours of going live.

And you know what this means?

If you aren’t currently advertising on Facebook, there are undoubtedly potential ideal clients you’re yet to meet and money you’re leaving money on the table.

The Indisputable Case for Facebook Ads

2.41 billion

Monthly Active Users (MAUs)


most visited website in the world


of American adults use Facebook


are the fastest growing group of Facebook users


of high income earners use Facebook

38 minutes

Facebook users spend an average of 38 minutes a day on the platform

90 million

small businesses use Facebook

11 Sponsored posts

An average user clicks on 11 sponsored posts every month


Who are we to be telling you all this?

I’m Troy Dean, co-founder and CEO of WP Elevation and the Mavericks Club, where we inspire digital creatives like you, to build enjoyable, sustainable, and profitable businesses that enable you to live an extraordinary life.

And I’m Kim Barrett, founder of Your Social Voice, where we help companies and celebrities generate more leads, engagement, and sales with social media.

You know, not so many years ago we were where you might be right now...

Trying to carve our new careers out online and struggling to drive consistently reliable traffic to our respective websites.

Naturally, we’d looked at other strategies like Google AdWords and SEO, but even in their infancy, there was no getting away from the fact that Facebook ads were –– and still are –– the most targeted form of paid media.

Of course, you already know this, so the real question is, why aren’t you using Facebook ads to generate leads and sales for your business?


We can’t deny it –– eight years ago, Kim and I had similar thoughts when starting our businesses, but thankfully, we didn’t let them hold us back.

These days, we both run multi-million dollar businesses that serve thousands for clients all over the world.

Between us, we’ve coached hundreds of clients through both the strategic and technical aspects of running successful paid media campaigns.

And now, for the first time, we’re joining forces to reveal our ridiculously uncomplicated proven process for getting sales and marketing messages in front of your most ideal clients with Facebook ads.


The Facebook Ads Accelerator is a five-week online course for digital marketing professionals who want to learn how to get their sales and marketing messages in front of their most ideal clients using Facebook ads.

Going step-by-step, we’ll walk you through Kim’s proven method for creating highly effective top-of-funnel, lead gen ad campaigns.

You’ll receive comprehensive video training as well as all the take-and-tweak planning templates you’ll need to set yourself up for Facebook ads success.

Along the way, you’ll learn that running successful Facebook ad campaigns isn’t an unfathomable dark art.

We’ll demystify the entire process and give you everything you need to automate your lead generation so your income needn’t be solely dependent on haphazard referrals, ever again.

Even better?

Once you’ve mastered this process for yourself, we’ll teach you how to sell Facebook ads management to your clients, too.

Sell one $500/month retainer to one client, and you’ll 6x your investment in The Facebook Ads Accelerator right away.

“Five years later, I’m still using the Facebook ad that I developed with Kim’s support, and we’ve just passed a million dollars worth of sales.”

Jono Petrohilos
Fitness Education Online

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the Facebook Ads Accerelator...

Module One

Why FB Ads

If you’ve ever questioned whether you should put a portion of your hard-earned cash towards running Facebook ads, this module will walk you step-by-step why you most definitely should, and help you understand the full extent of what could be possible for you when you do.

We’ll explore the different types of Facebook ads, consider the types of clients you can find on Facebook (and it’s sister site, Instagram), and discuss the offers that convert best from ads. To finish, you’ll commit to a date for launching your first Facebook ads campaign.

Module Two

FB Ads Strategy

In module two, we dive into the core fundamentals of running Facebook ads.

We’ll cover how to set meaningful and realistic campaign objectives, how to set budgets and both campaign and ad set levels, pixeling for standard events and custom conversions, audience targeting, as well as the key principles behind direct response advertising.

The principles you’ll learn here in module two are evergreen, once you understand them, you’ll be empowered with the knowledge to confidently create and publish ads, even if Facebook makes significant cosmetic changes to the Ads Manager.

Module Three

NOC Method

Time to create your ad assets! But where do you start?

Module three walks you through Kim’s proven NOC method. We’ll begin by narrowing your niche by audiences and location, before moving on to craft your unique offer with an irresistible call to action.

During this module, you’ll learn how to write copy for long-form and short-form ads and how to select scroll-stopping images and videos that your ideal clients won’t be able to resist clicking.

Module Four

Ad Build Out

Time to build your campaign!

Module four walks you step-by-step through how to establish your campaign framework, set conversion objectives for lead ad acceptance and pixel installation, create your target audience, build your ad, and test, ahead of go-live.

When they’re going it alone, this is when most people give up. But with us in your corner, you’ll breeze through this stage, promise!

Module Five

Launch & Measure

It’s go time! This is where the rubber meets the road, and it’s finally time to make your campaign live.

In this final module, you’ll learn what pre-launch checks you should be making and how to carry them out, common issues that might occur mid-campaign, and how to overcome them, the data points you should be looking at, and how to measure your overall success.

We have some pretty awesome bonuses for you as well...

Bonus 1

Online Community Group

Aside from the five carefully curated modules that will walk you step-by-step through how to create highly effective top-of-funnel, lead gen ad campaigns, one of the most valuable aspects of this course is the chance to become a member of our Facebook Ads Accelerator online community.

This is where you’ll get access to your coaches for advice and feedback, connect with other students, find a buddy and share your ad copy and creative to be constructively critiqued by others.

Bonus 2

Lifetime Access

We hope that the sales funnel you build as you work through this course will be the first of many.

Whether you choose to run ads for your own business or you take the knowledge you gain in this course to start running them for your clients, we already know you’ll want to refer back to the step-by-step videos again and again.

That’s why when you enroll in The Facebook Ads Accelerator you’ll receive lifetime access to the course, including any future updates.

Bonus 3

How to Sell Facebook Ads Management Retainers and Boost Your Monthly Recurring Revenue

Unless you’re brand new to WP Elevation, you’ll know that whenever to offer a skills-based training course, we like to teach you how to productise it and sell it as an additional service.

In this bonus lesson, Kim will walk you step-by-step through how to add to your monthly recurring revenue by offering ads management on retainer.

If you sell one $500/month retainer by implementing what you learn in this lesson, you’ll 12x your investment in The Facebook Ads Accelerator with ease.

“I landed my first $1200 client within just two days of implementing the strategies Kim taught me. That’s the power of working with him. He’s already invested the time, money, and resources in creating systems that are proven to work over and over again. Don’t miss out!”

Jordon Howson
Jordon Howson Consulting

The Facebook Ads Accelerator is for you if…

“Using what Kim taught me, I launched a group coaching program in beta and sold out in less than two weeks. Because I had an overflow of great quality leads, I then decided to launch a second group, and filled that one as well! I can’t thank Kim enough for his mentorship and guidance.”

Ayrton Sudholz
Ayrton Sudholz Consulting

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you enroll in The Facebook Ads Accelerator:

Five modules of carefully curated content that give you everything you need to create and run highly effective top-of-funnel, lead gen ad campaigns.

The Facebook Ads Accelerator Workbook, a central document containing every worksheet you’ll need to complete to map out your entire campaign and analyse its performance.

Plus these awesome bonuses…

Enroll in The Facebook Ads Accelerator today!

We created The Facebook Ads Accelerator to give you access to the insider knowledge and support you need to create and run highly effective top-of-funnel, lead gen ad campaigns, without the need to enroll in other courses or make any other high-ticket investments.

After working through our Facebook Ads Accelerator framework you’ll no longer feel bamboozled by the Facebook Ads Manager.

You’ll no longer feel clueless when talking to other ads consultants because you’ll already know what’s realistically possible, and what good conversions look like.

And you’ll no longer wind up wasting money on boosted posts instead of placing your own.

The standard investment in The Facebook Ads Accelerator is $1997.

But right now, we’re in prelaunch!

That means, for a limited time only, you can secure lifetime access to The Facebook Ads Accelerator for just $997, or by making the first of three easy payments of $397 USD.

Secure your place in the course at 50% off when you enroll today!

“In the last 12 months alone, we’ve added $150K of revenue using the strategies Kim teaches. If you’re looking to generate more leads and take your business to the next level, Kim’s your guy!”

Jarrod Harman
CEO Business Warriors

We’re handing you our step-by-step evergreen strategy for creating and running highly effective top-of-funnel, lead gen ad campaigns.

The content we teach in The Facebook Ad Accelerator isn’t just random advice from a couple of blokes who’ve gotten decent results running ads, and decided to pass on what worked in their businesses.

The tried-and-tested strategies you’ll learn inside the course are based on Kim’s real-world experience of running ads for a broad range of customers and clients, from entrepreneurs, publicly traded companies, influencers, and Hollywood celebrities.

We know that if you apply your learning, show up for the coaching sessions and embrace the support offered in the online community, you’ll acquire knowledge and skills that have the potential to dramatically improve both your business and your life.

That said, if you decide within 30 days of enrolling that you are unsatisfied with The Facebook Ads Accelerator for whatever reason, we’ll refund your full investment.

Simply email us your workbook to show your commitment to the course and you’ll receive a full refund.

Why do we ask that you submit your workbook?

Because we created The Facebook Ads Accelerator to stretch your vision about what’s possible, both for you and your business.

As your mentors, we’re here to hold you accountable to your goals – not to allow you to throw in the towel the moment you come up against something you can’t figure out or when imposter syndrome kicks in.

We’re bringing everything we’ve got to this program: our insider knowledge, our time and our attention.

If you give it everything you’ve got for the next 30 days and still feel like The Facebook Ads Accelerator isn’t worth it, no worries.

We have no problem allowing you to walk away from the course as long as you’ve given it your best shot.

Just think…

In years to come you’ll look back at 2020 as the year your business and life finally turned a corner. Don’t get left behind.

Then don’t pass up your opportunity to enroll in The Facebook Ads Accelerator!

Secure your place in the course at 50% off when you enroll today!

“I thought I was doing really well, getting the odd lead here and there via Facebook. Then I found Kim and realised there’s so much I don’t know –– it was kind of ridiculous! Now I have my ads set up, and I can go away overseas, knowing that warm leads will be waiting for me when I get back. It’s a gamechanger!”

Sarah Wilson
PMG Finance

Got a question? Your answer may well be in the FAQ’s below…

Perhaps! It all depends on how happy you’ve been with your results. If your client pipeline is full, you’ve got more leads than you can comfortably handle, and you’re satisfied with your CPL, you probably don’t stand to learn much new. But if you’re brand new to Facebook ads, have tried and failed before, or are conscious that you’re paying through the nose for every lead, the chances are that the strategies and best practices you’ll learn inside The Facebook Ads Accelerator will help.

There is no one-size-fits-all budget for Facebook ads, and what you choose to spend will ultimately depend both on what your business can afford, as well as your campaign goals. That said, I recommend testing with between $10-$20 per day for 3-5 days and using those results as your baseline for redetermining your ad spend.

As Kim likes to say, there’s no such thing as a failed Facebook ad. Whether an ad campaign hits the goals you set at the outset or not, you’ll always succeed in getting in front of more potential ideal clients that may previously never have heard of you. In that sense, you may do better asking a different question: What’s the ROI on fewer people knowing me? Food for thought!

Great question! Like any paid media, Facebook ads are continually evolving, which is why we’ve chosen to base the course on evergreen best practices, as opposed to flash-in-the-pan trends or by providing watch-over-our-shoulders-click-this-then-click-that tutorials. By teaching in this way, we’re confident that you’ll graduate The Facebook Ads Accelerator understanding the whys and wherefores of each step in the process. That means, if Facebook were ever to change the look or layout of the Ads Manager tool, instead of freaking out, you’ll still feel in full control!

Very little! Beyond a functioning computer and decent internet connection, the only additional tech we recommend you get your hands on is a free Google Chrome extension called Facebook Pixel Helper, and Canva for image creation.

The Facebook Ads Accelerator is comprised of a series of video-based lessons and a companion workbook, which are housed in a secure online classroom. Starting January 9th, 2020, a new module will be released every week for five weeks, and between times, you’ll have the chance to interact with your coaches and fellow students in the members-only Facebook group. As you would expect, you can access all of the course materials from your desktop computer or mobile device, making it easy to consume content whenever and from wherever you choose.

We find that students get the best results when they set aside 2-3 hours a week to focus on implementing what they learn. How you carve out that time is really up to you and how you learn best, but know that it’s entirely possible to get tremendous results from The Facebook Ads Accelerator, even in just 30 minutes a day!

Let’s be very clear –– the step-by-step strategy that Kim’s teaching in this course is ridiculously uncomplicated. But that doesn’t mean it can be implemented in two seconds.

To run successful ads you need to be prepared to research, think critically about your audience, and craft captivating messages, and these things take time.

The bottom line? If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, this isn’t the course for you!

When it comes down to it, the question of whether The Facebook Ads Accelerator is worth the investment is really up to you.

Of course, there are cheaper ways of driving leads for your business, but in reality, old-school guest posting and SEO will likely take way longer to pay off.

When you make a one-time investment in The Facebook Ads Accelerator, you’ll receive lifetime access to a course that not only gives you a new skill to turn into a new revenue stream, but promises to make filling your client pipeline quicker and easier than ever before.

The bottom line?

When you join us, you’re investing in more than just an online program – you’re investing in yourself and your future.

The simple answer? You don’t. And we don’t either.

The truth is, we have no idea what you do when we’re out of the room, or how good you are at following instructions and executing new ideas.

All we can do is point you to the testimonials on this page so you can see what happened when others followed Kim’s strategies and committed fully.

When you see something that you know you need, it’s easy to think to yourself “I’ll put this off until a “better” time. The only trouble is, no such time exists, and before you know it, you’ve wasted weeks of income generating time, and you’re still frustrated and dissatisfied.

Part of our roles as mentors and educators is to hold you to the same high standards that we hold for myself and encourage you to take decisive actions.

That's why we’re only offering The Facebook Ads Accelerator for a short period — to help you quickly decide whether it's the right option for you, so you don't waste time procrastinating or avoid making a decision.

And don’t forget, when you enroll you have lifetime access to the course, including all future updates, so you can easily invest now and pick it up when you have time knowing the content will always be relevant and up to date.

The standard price for The Facebook Ads Accelerator is $1997, but right now, you have an opportunity to secure your spot in the course for just $997 (or by making the first of three payments of $397. The prelaunch timer is counting down, and once it hits zero, doors to The Facebook Ads Accelerator will close so we can give our founding students all the love and attention they deserve. When the doors open again, The Facebook Ads Accelerator will revert to its standard price of $1997.

Payment can be made with PayPal or any major credit card.

Yes, absolutely. It’s slightly more expensive in total than paying in full upfront, to account for extra admin time and costs.

As soon as you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive an email from us with all the information you need to access the online classroom where the welcome video will be waiting for you.

This email will also provide details of how to join the group. We’re biased, clearly, but we think we’re pretty awesome at creating community, and know our respective groups to be some of the friendliest, most engaged, and supportive groups online!

And with students all over the world, we predict there’ll rarely be a time when someone isn’t online to answer your questions or help celebrate your wins.

Nope, not if you don’t want to — but students typically get lots of extra value from joining groups like these, such as the opportunity to network, ask questions, and even build referral partnerships and business alliances with one another.

If you choose not to join, you’ll almost certainly miss out!

We’re pretty sure that once you step inside The Facebook Ads Accelerator and get a taste of what it feels like to be a part of such an awesome global community, you won’t want to leave.

That said, if after 30 days of working through the program you’re dissatisfied for any reason, we’ll gladly refund your full investment. Simply email us with your completed worksheets to show your commitment to the course, and we’ll get you sorted.

Want to start the decade with a bang and dramatically increase your monthly recurring revenue?

Then don’t pass up your opportunity to enroll in The Facebook Ads Accelerator!

Secure your place in the course at 50% off when you enroll today!

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