Podcast Episode #6

John O’Nolan

John O'Nolan
Podcast Episode #6

In Episode #6 of the WP Elevation podcast I spoke with John O’Nolan from Ghost. I had just landed in the Netherlands after 30 hours of flights and transit from Melbourne as I was preparing for WordCamp Europe. For those of you who don’t know, John is a freelance web designer from the UK who once worked on the UI team for WordPress and recently launched Ghost, just a blogging platform, out of frustration with WordPress.

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We're giving away a copy of John's favourite book at the moment "The Year Without Pants", Scott Berkun's story of working at WordPress.com for a year. Watch the interview to learn how to enter.

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Show Notes

John talks about how he tested the idea for Ghost with a simple blog post that went viral and how he managed to pull off a kickstarter campaign that landed him almost £200K in startup funding.

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You can reach out and thank John on his twitter @johnonolan.

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