Podcast Episode #53

JD Peterson

JD Peterson
Podcast Episode #53

JD Peterson is Senior Vice President  of marketing at Scripted.com. I’m not even sure what that means but he tells me he spends a lot of time looking at data and talking with customers. Scripted started out as a marketplace to connect screenwriters with studios. After three years of struggle they pivoted and within 11 months raised their first $1 million in funding. They now connect writers with businesses that need content.

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JD has sponsored this week’s prize which is 50% off your first scripted order. Tell us in the comments the number one thing holding you back from using Scripted (or a similar service) to have content written for your clients.

Show Notes

Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • making it up as we go along
  • managing people is about removing roadblocks
  • JD needs air conditioning
  • the three stages of a start-up
  • blood sweat and tears (not the band)

Elevation Round Answers
Here are the answers to the questions in our Elevation round. Watch the interview to get the full scoop.

1. don’t be afraid to tell you’re clients they’re wrong
2. provide a remarkable experience for existing cutomers
3. raise your prices
4. keep it beautifully simple
5. Zendesk
6. invest time up front to define the success
7. ask them
8. let your work speak for itself

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank JD on @jd_peterson and [email protected]

Suggested Guest

JD suggested I interview Paul Godfrey from Zendesk. Paul, keep your eyes on your inbox.

Competition Hint

Hint: to enter the competition, leave a comment below and tell us the number one thing holding you back or the number one reason you’re not using scripted or something like scripted to get content written for your clients.

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