Customer Acquisition Strategies for Proven Success

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For digital marketing freelancers and agency owners, not knowing where your next client is coming from is a common problem.

The solution is a proven customer acquisition strategy- a critical component of any successful business.

The frustration of unstable monthly revenue is exhausting. Where will your next client come from? What are you going to do for the next month with no upcoming projects? Why did you leave the security of a weekly employee paycheck for a freelancer’s stressful lifestyle?

If you have experienced this frustration- you are not alone. Client acquisition is a challenging aspect of digital marketing success. Moreover, investing in unsuccessful client acquisition methods is a waste of time, money, and effort. It can also significantly impact your confidence.

WP Elevation understands this stress and has created an exclusive community for digital marketing entrepreneurs to communicate, learn, and grow successful businesses.

A predictable, effective customer acquisition strategy is essential.

WP Elevation offers a comprehensive four-week program that allows you to construct a repeatable system and attract high-paying clients on command.

The customer acquisition strategies that don’t work consistently.

There are hundreds of strategies that could help you to attract new clients. If you are on this page, then you have probably tried some of them.

Niche down, network, PPC, direct email, cold email, social media, white-label partnerships, join local business groups, door knock, work for free. This list is hardly exhaustive. And while some of these methods may work, they are not consistent enough to build a successful business.

Client Acquisition Formula

Founder of WP Elevation, Troy Dean, is a former web designer turned agency growth strategist. Having tried countless customer acquisition strategies in his business, he experienced first-hand that predictability is key- something that the aforementioned strategies simply didn’t provide.

Now, as a course provider and business coach, he has worked with thousands of digital marketing professionals around the world and knows what works. This predictable and reliable process is the foundation of WP Elevation’s Client Acquisition Formula.

What are the customer acquisition strategies that I should use?

The problem with ineffective customer acquisition strategies is that they do not provide any predictability. They are sporadic and this directly influences the rate of incoming clients. 

When a digital marketing business operates without a systemized, repeatable acquisition strategy, they rely on unstable factors like word-of-mouth referrals to sustain their client load.

Successful agencies implement a system.

Their predictable customer acquisition strategy is rooted in fixed principles that are repeatable, practical, and effective.

This is how they attract high-paying, ongoing clients, and build their revenue to 7-figures and beyond.

The Client Acquisition Formula by WP Elevation

The Client Acquisition Formula is an online course for freelancers and agency owners who want to stop worrying about where their next client will come from. You will learn a repeatable, proven method of attracting clients that have been tried and tested around the world in a range of businesses.

Beyond the recipe-like system of client acquisition, you will learn how to combat imposter-syndrome, how to develop a client-getting mindset, and how to construct your signature system.

You have the power to transform your business. Don’t pass up the opportunity to access the proven Client Acquisition Formula by WP Elevation.