Behind the Scenes - Know Your Numbers with a Digital Dashboard

Posted By Maddie Keogh on

As you all know, it's profit month here at WP Elevation and we want to help you have complete transparency of your business. This includes your profit and loss and whether your goals and KPIs are on track. 

In this quick behind the scenes video, Troy talks about how to use digital dashboards for radical transparency and accountability for you and your team.

Troy explains that he is quite time poor and needs to be able to quickly see how the business is going. With a quick look at the digital dashboard, he is able to see if we are on track or if we need course correction.

There are some great tools out there but our chosen dashboard is Grow. It collates your business' data from all different types of sources. (For example, Infusionsoft, Stripe and Xero).

Check out the video below to get the full tour of the dashboard and see how it all works:

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