Growing Your Freelance Business with Predictable Products

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Welcome to another episode of Silence Is Golden. Despite some technical difficulties, as well as Troy getting derailed by thoughts of using the phone in the bathroom and the giggles (once again), we got a lot done today.

In this episode, Simon and Troy talk about how to grow your freelance business with predictable products and productivity hacks.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the VUM Black Friday promotion around the 10.20-minute mark. It’s a helluva deal.

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What's Happening Here?

At the 02.37 minute mark, Simon challenges the sleep-deprived Troy with a game of "What's Happening Here?".

Boring Bricks

The first image presented to Troy might seem like old news, but it’s actually of Elon Musk building medieval a watchtower. Or… it’s a picture of a brick-ified Elon Musk smoking a joint. Why a brick? Well, Musk’s The Boring Company has recently created an offshoot business called The Brick Company.

Her Cat Makes More Than You

The second image is a dog with sunglasses on, sitting by a handbag. Or is it? This is Simon’s way of nudging Troy towards a talk about the rise of pet influencers.

Take Tardar Sauce (A.K.A. Grumpy Cat), for instance, who currently has about 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

Grumpy Cat Influencer

Ms. Sauce was estimated to have earned between $1 million and $100 million over the first few years of her meme celebrity and influencer status. Most recently, she has made headlines for winning a $700,000+ lawsuit.

Google Gives Us SEO

The final image was an easy one to guess. In case you missed the news, Google launches SEO tool for developers.

Web Dev Tool

VUM Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is nearly here as is a major discount on the VUM plugin for you.

Get 66% off the Complete Package.

Stay tuned for more details.

Word on the Street

At the 11.20 minute mark, Simon hits the streets once again to ask local residents:

”Do you wake up with multiple notifications on your phone?”

In other words, we wanted to know how people get anything done with the continual distraction of a flashing notification.

Many respondents indicated that they try to put the main offenders (like Facebook and email) away for as long as possible.

Troy chimed in with his own extreme version of distraction-free days. Not only does he prevent notifications on his phone (except for “Favourite” phone calls, which Simon does not qualify for), but he sets his computer to Do Not Disturb.

What Made the Wee Come Out?

At 16.15, Simon introduces a tool he recently encountered called Krisp.

In essence, it is a noise-cancelling app for Mac users that reduces background noise from both ends of a phone call. What’s nice is that it works with any calling app - like Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts - so you don’t have to change your meeting software in order to use this.

It’s powered by AI which means that it learns to recognise the sound of your voice so it can more accurately drown out ambient noises like a screaming baby at home or a screaming group of girls at the nightclub.

Clearer phone calls are a win for all!

The Golden Nugget

At the 20.05 minute mark, Simon and Troy get to the Golden Nugget:

Growing your freelance business with predictable products.

Our focus this month has been on profitability and financial security. And for those of you who are tired of it feeling like an unattainable fantasy, Troy and Simon want to point you towards one of the ways to make it yours.

In sum, turn your service into a product. (Just as Troy did with Video User Manuals.)

Think about it like this: Someone asks you what you do. You say, “I’m a web designer.” But that’s not really what they were asking. They don’t care about your job title. They want to know what the end results are. It’s easier to explain and easier to sell because you’ve packaged it up into a neat little package.

What’s more, it makes it easier for your happy clients to pitch it over to others in need of the same solution. Rather than have to explain what it’s like to work with a web designer, writer, videographer, etc., they just say:

“Buy this product. This is the end result. And here’s how much it costs.”

And there are so many ways in which you can productise your business.

If you’d like to hear more about creating irresistible offers, check out Episode 35 of Silence Is Golden.

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Tool of the Week

At the 28.40 minute mark, Simon introduces the tool of the week.


Stripe, or “everything you need to get paid online”, is the first tool suggested for boosting profitability. It is a payment processor and merchant account you can connect to your WordPress site to send invoices and collect payments from clients.

Simon uses Stripe in conjunction with Better Proposals. After he’s sent a proposal to a new client and they’ve accepted, they have the option to submit their first payment through Stripe.

If you’d like to learn more about the tools we use here at WP Elevation to boost profitability and productivity, be sure to visit the Tools We Use page.

Wrap Up

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