Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about the importance of processes and the positive impact that even the simplest systems can have on your business.  I’ve even shared some of our internal processes with you so that you can see how the gears are turning behind the scenes.

If you’re part of the WP Elevation community, you’ve probably heard of Mike Killen. Mike runs Devon Digital Design, where he builds and maintains marketing funnels build on WP websites. He’s also a WP Elevation coach right now, so we’re sure you’ve seen him around.

We hired Mike to help us with our marketing funnels and to help us communicate with our customers better. There was a lot of data to sift through and lots of work to be done. Anyone involved this past week would admit it was “intense”. But Mike broke everything down into systematic processes and came through with some amazing insight for us here at WPE.

So I took a walk with Mike Killen this week to discuss a few different systems he uses. We talked about the importance of having a process to take potential clients through and he broke down the details of the system he used to help us here at WPE. Tune in to watch as Mike shares why he thinks these processes separates him from the competition and make his customers more comfortable.

Leave us a comment and share one of your favourite processes with us.

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