We recently recorded a sales video for the Video User Manuals plugin. It's always a bit of fun shooting a video, so we enlisted Gin (our Community Manager and now ‘chief unofficial videographer') to shoot some behind the scenes footage for you to see what we get up to at WP Elevation video shoots.

The consensus of the day was that my dog Lucy was the star of the show – a good win considering that she didn't even feature in the official video!

Here's the link to the actual Sales VideoLet me know what you think.

PS. Please don't try these voice warm ups at home – you could very well damage a vocal chord and I don't want to be held responsible!

Behind the Scenes of the VUM Sales Video Shoot from Troy Dean on Vimeo.

Gin McInneny is in charge of Customer Happiness at WP Elevation. She has experience in website development, digital marketing, videography, and education. Gin brings these skills plus her unique enthusiasm to the wonderful world of WP Elevation.