Welcome to Episode 27 of the WP Elevation Podcast. Our featured guest this week is Jessica Barnard from thepixelista.com. Jessica designs Genesis child themes and sells them as premium themes, but she builds a customer profile before she actually designs the theme. In this interview, you will learn how to carve out your niche, how to get rid of the fear of missing out and get specific about the customers you want.

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Show Notes

This weeks highlights include:

  • The WP Elevation tip of the week: Customer profiling. If you don’t know who your perfect customer is and you don’t know the niche that you serve or the group of people you add the most value to, then grab a pen and piece of paper and ask yourself this question: If you could get ten new clients right now, but they all had to be clones of one of your existing clients, who would that client be? Write a paragraph about that client. Where did they come from? What problems were they trying to solve when you started working with them? Where did they hang out? What business are they in? What do they do in the weekend? What does their life look like? How can you go about attracting more of them?
  • Learn about customer profiles
  • Learn how Jessica actually builds customer profiles for her premium theme designs

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Suggested Guest

Jessica suggested I interview Chris Ford of creativityincluded.com. Chris, keep your eyes on your inbox.

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Hint: to enter the competition, leave a comment below and tell us the #1 design element you'd like to see in a Genesis Child Theme.


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