Hit the publish button! In Episode #19 of the WP Elevation podcast I had a hoot of a time talking with Bill Belew (and his young daughter who made a guest appearance) about the importance of hitting the publish button. Bill is a problogger who achieves 600,000 page views a day, has had 100K in one hour, makes his living through blogging, has said that hunger is more important than passion, speaks Japanese as well as English, teaches everything he knows at the Inbound Marketing University and has given presentations on a cruise ship through the Caribbean. I saw Bill speak at Pressnomics last year and knew that I just had to get him on the podcast. Today we going to talk about how important it is to keep hitting the publish button.

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Show Notes

Some of the show highlights include Bill helping his buddy reposition his plumbing business as a home remodelling business (he still fixes toilets); Bill's method for fuelling up on a particular topic (have several tabs open in your browser and save 30 headlines as draft posts in WordPress); Bill's formula for blogging (quality, quantity, consistency and longevity) and his toll for CRM (his project manager Kevin) and his solution for project management (which is to yell at Kevin).

I love this quote: “Hunger trumps passion.”

I seriously had so much fun interviewing Bill – even though he blew a fuse in the middle of the Elevation round (literally!) and I loved it when his 5 year old daughter came in to say “Hi” and join in the interview. You can check out his daughters website at miamei.com and learn about growing up and parenting bi-cultural Chinese-American children in Silicon Valley.

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Bill suggested I interview his son Benjamin. Benjamin, keep your eyes on your inbox.

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