101 Ways to Elevate - #99 Check page speed

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Number Ninety-nine Check page speed

G'day. I'm Troy Dean, from Video User Manuals and WP Elevation. This is 'The 101 Ways to Elevate Yourself and Demand Higher Fees: A Practical Guide for Wordpress Consultants to Start Attracting Better-Quality Clients, Work on Better, More Interesting Projects, and Get Paid Better Fees'. Let's go elevate.

Number 99: Check page speed. I know we talked about this a little bit earlier on, caching for speed, but once the site's gone live and it's been up and about for a few months, run their website through Google's Page Speed Insights tool and you'll find that their site has slow downed remarkably from when they launched, unless of course, you're using awesome premium Wordpress hosting, like WP Engine, Pagely, or Zippykid, and they've got their caching taken care of.

Once a client starts adding content to their site then they start uploading massive images that aren't well-optimized, things can start to slow down a little bit. Run their website through the Page Speed Insight tool and see if you think there are any gains that can be made by optimizing their site or doing a little bit of work on the caching. Then email them and say, "I see that your site's running a little bit slower now than it was when we launched it. You want me to log in and check some things out?" You'll pick up some extra consulting work, and again, it shows that you care.

In the next video, you'll learn what it is you can remind your client about at this stage of the relationship. Until then, go elevate. Make sure you subscribe to the '101 Ways' podcast, in the iTunes Store. Just search for '101 Ways to Elevate', or visit us at WP101Ways.com and download the free '101Ways' e-book.

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