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Episode #47 Jason Swenk from

Jason Swenk

Jason’s best friend looked so much like Justin Timberlake that they used to use this to get into parties and venues. Jason built a website called N’Shit to make fun of Justin Timberlake’s band at the time N’Sync. The website was a hit. From these humble beginnings Jason went on to build a multi-million dollar web agency, sold it and now teaches agency owners how to elevate to the next level.


Episode #45 Rob Walling from GetDrip

Rob Walling

Rob Walling has hit two home runs launching software apps in very crowded marketplaces, namely SEO and e-mail marketing. His most recent success, Get Drip Email Marketing was launched without writing any code. Even after his successes, Rob still battles the voice of doubt but manages to push through to run 2 products, write a book, host a podcast and run an annual conference.


Episode #44 – Caspar Hübinger from MarketPress


In this episode of the podcast I interview Caspar Hübinger from MarketPress. As well as the German WooCommerce extension, MarketPress make a multilingual WordPress plugin as a solution for multilingual site content. Caspar also talks about the importance of being yourself and getting to know who you are. His theory is that this is what makes you truly unique inside and outside of work. Love it!



Episode #43 – Lisa Sabin-Wilson from WebDev Studios

Lisa Sabin-Wilson

In this episode of the podcast our special guest is Lisa Sabin-Wilson from WebDev Studios. Lisa shares the key strategies that have helped her take the leap from freelancer to partner of one of the best WordPress agencies on the planet. Scared of speaking at events or the workload of writing a book? Check out this interview and learn how Lisa used these tactics to elevate herself.


Episode #42 – Natalie MacLees from Purple Pen Productions

Natalie MacLees

In this episode, Natalie MacLees helps us get unstuck, overcome writer’s block and tells us why it’s important to give back to the community – not just the WordPress community but the community at large. Natalie also walks us through her experience of writing a book and having it published and why it’s a great positioning exercise.


Episode #41 – Host Swap with Matt Medeiros

Jason Cohen

In this episode we have a very special guest host: Matt Medeiros from The Matt Report. We also have a very special guest in Jason Cohen from WP Engine. Jason shares his journey and strategies for success as a WordPress entrepreneur along with some great advice for freelancers and consultants.

Check out my interview with Japh from X-team on the Matt Report here.

This episode is brought to you by Video User Manuals – the only way to teach your clients how to use WordPress.



Episode #40 – Elliot Condon from Advanced Custom Fields

Elliot Condon

This is our very first live-recording of the WP Elevation podcast – possibly the first ever live recording of any WordPress podcast! We feature Melbourne boy Elliot Condon from ACF. He talks about how the business came about and includes some gold nugget tips along the way. Tune in to find out why this inspiring guy prefers the ‘journey’ to the ‘destination’…