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Episode #62 Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor describes himself as a marketing developer. I believe this is the most valuable position you can hold in the current WordPress ecosystem if you are building solutions for clients. I think Greg agrees. Discover how Greg has carved this niche out himself and what it has meant in terms of transforming his business.

I like to surround myself with the best people...and get out of the way! - @grtaylor2


Episode #61 Ben Stickland

Ben Stickland

Ben Stickland made lots of money as a kid selling tulips on the side of the road. Then he spent two years making very little money as a web developer. Now he makes lots of money again selling complex custom websites to large organisations and marketing software to small business. Ben is here to help us elevate…


Episode #60 Ed Dale

Ed Dale

Ed Dale is undoubtedly Australia’s most well-known online marketer and founder of the 30 day challenge where he has taught over 300,000 people how to make their first dollar online since 2005. He is also one of my mentors and the reason that WP Elevation exists in the first place. I am very proud to bring Ed and his knowledge and passion to our listeners. This is more than a podcast; this is in Ed Dale Masterclass.

Spend half an hour each day thinking about where your next job is coming from. @Ed_Dale


#59 Vid Luther of

Vid Luther

Vid Luther wants to solve the WordPress hosting problem and has been working at it since WordPress was B2. He started ZippyKid, raised some funding and has since rebranded as Pressable. Vid also revealed that he and his brother should have been in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 but overslept. I was not prepared for that.

All jokes aside, I'm Indian - we love to haggle! @vidluther


Episode #58 Dale Beaumont from Business Blueprint

Dale Beaumont

Dale Beaumont turned this episode of the podcast into a Masterclass by teaching us so much about positioning, finding your niche, getting clear about your purpose and vision for your business, avoiding distraction, processes and systems and getting out of your own way long enough to speak in front of groups of people! I’ve learned so much from Dale over the years that I just had to bring him on the podcast.


Episode #57 Tracy Levesque from YIKES Inc

Tracy Levesque

Tracy Levesque is one half of Yikes Inc, a WordPress and Cold Fusion shop in Philadelphia. She speaks at WordCamps, teaches at Girl Develop It and is a big fan of getting up close and personal with her fears. In this episode you’ll discover how they have grown their team, learnt to say no to clients and how Tracy uses Trello to keep her life organised.


Episode #55 – WP Think Tank #3

WP Think Tank #3

The future of WordPress – what opportunities and challenges lie ahead for us? This is the third Think Tank in a series where we round-up the top-dogs of the WordPress space and discuss hot topics in the world of WordPress. Podcasts, articles and newsletters only scratch the surface of what’s really going on in the WordPress eco-system. Tune in and go deep.


Episode #54 Ryan Sullivan from WP SiteCare

Ryan Sullivan

Ryan Sullivan started out as a freelancer building websites for clients until his freelance business got so busy he no longer had time to go to work. So he quit his day job and founded WP Site Care, a WordPress maintenance business that takes the stress out of WordPress and turns technology into an asset instead of a barrier.


Episode #53 JD Peterson from Scripted

JD Peterson

JD Peterson is Senior Vice President  of marketing at I’m not even sure what that means but he tells me he spends a lot of time looking at data and talking with customers. Scripted started out as a marketplace to connect screenwriters with studios. After three years of struggle they pivoted and within 11 months raised their first $1 million in funding. They now connect writers with businesses that need content.