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Episode #82 Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson

Are you struggling to build an audience with your blog? Perhaps your focus is getting traction for your blog and you haven’t nailed it yet. Wherever you are in your blogging quest our guest, Zac Johnson, is here to help. Zac knows a thing or two about blogging and he’s totally psyched to share his journey with us today on WP Elevation!

Passion is everything -@zacjohnson


#80 Part 1 – Content Marketing World Sydney


In this special episode, we explore Content Marketing World Sydney and experience interviews with several different guests from this convention.

All of our guests today are experts in the field of content marketing, and all answered riveting questions such as, “What is content marketing to you?” and “If you could wave a magic wand and fix one thing about content marketing for businesses, what would it be?”

Let’s jump right in and see what they had to say!


#81 Part 2 – Content Marketing World Sydney


Welcome back to part two of our special series in which we explore Content Marketing World Sydney and chat up several different guests from the convention.

All of our guests today are content marketing experts in their own right, and all answered a series of questions during our interviews with them. These questions are designed to help you understand how to create better content, and position that content for greater connection and ultimately greater results with your audience.

So without further ado, let’s hear what they had to say!


Episode #79 Adam Mills

Adam Mills

Our guest for today’s show is Adam Mills of Bottomless Design. Adam is a successful business owner and has valuable experience in both theme design as well as client relations.

Today, Adam shares his insights on how to balance the boundaries of working at home, how to interact and succeed with clients, and the true meaning behind his company’s unique name.

I know the value of the service I offer. - @BottomlessDsign


Episode #77 Remkus de Vries

Episode #77 Remkus de Vries

Our guest for today’s show is Remkus de Vries, all the way from the Netherlands. Remkus is an avid WordPress user and utilizes it in his business for large business and enterprise websites. It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got him on the show (he’s much taller in person, we promise!)

Today, Remkus shares some insights about how he got hooked on the Internet and WordPress, how to self-hypnotize, and how to avoid getting too invested in one’s own stress.

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest *Benjamin Franklin – @DeFries


Episode #76 Jason Lemieux

Episode #76 Jason Lemiuex

Thinking about transitioning from client services into a product company? Jason Lemieux is doing just that with Postmatic; a plug-in that allows you to comment on a WordPress site by email. Think about how that could increase the engagement on your website.


Episode #74 Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

Our guest for today’s show is none other than author, speaker and chief evangelist at Canva, Guy Kawasaki. If you have a Mac (or even if you don’t!) chances are you’ve heard of Guy. Today, Guy shares with us how he got his start, how he spends his time as an evangelist, and why he is passionate about making people’s lives easier.

The world should be a meritocracy, not an aristocracy. - @GuyKawasaki