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Episode #41 – Host Swap with Matt Medeiros

Jason Cohen

In this episode we have a very special guest host: Matt Medeiros from The Matt Report. We also have a very special guest in Jason Cohen from WP Engine. Jason shares his journey and strategies for success as a WordPress entrepreneur along with some great advice for freelancers and consultants.

Check out my interview with Japh from X-team on the Matt Report here.

This episode is brought to you by Video User Manuals – the only way to teach your clients how to use WordPress.



Episode #40 – Elliot Condon from Advanced Custom Fields

Elliot Condon

This is our very first live-recording of the WP Elevation podcast – possibly the first ever live recording of any WordPress podcast! We feature Melbourne boy Elliot Condon from ACF. He talks about how the business came about and includes some gold nugget tips along the way. Tune in to find out why this inspiring guy prefers the ‘journey’ to the ‘destination’…


Episode #37 – WP Think Tank #2

Thinktank #2

WP Think Tank #2 is the second instalment in this panel discussion about the future of WordPress. This episode includes panellists Matt Medeiros from the Matt Report, Alex King from Crowd Favorite, Lisa Sabin-Wilson from WebDev Studios and author of WordPress for Dummies, Brian Clark from Copyblogger, Tom Willmot from Human Made, Miriam Schwab from Illuminea and Cory Miller from iThemes. Get out your pop-corn and settle in for the show!


Episode #36 – Peter Freeman from Woof Media

Peter Freeman

How do you build a successful WordPress consulting business in a regional town with only 15,000 people? How you do this and still position yourself as the premium option so you don’t have to compete on price?  Build a team and processes to keep everyone moving in the same direction. Peter Freeman from Woof Media tells all in this episode of the WP Elevation podcast.


Episode #35 – Jennifer Bourn from Bourn Creative

Jennifer Bourn

In this episode of the podcast, Jennifer Bourn teaches us everything she has learned over the last nine years of servicing small businesses and why constant communication and active project management has been the key to success. Bourn Creative raise their rates every six months and seem be getting busier and busier. Listen to the interview to learn how they do it.


Episode #34 – Thomas Griffin

Thomas Griffin

In this episode of the WP Elevation podcast Thomas Griffin, the man behind Soliloquy Slider and Optin Monster shares with us how important networking is, whether you are a consultant selling website services or a WordPress product company. The success of his WordPress plugins has largely been due to the fact that some of his earliest customers were well-connected influencers like Jared Atchison, Bill Erickson and Syed Balkhi. It was his network that also got him consulting work in the early days for companies such as Wendy’s and HBO.


Episode #33 – Jason Schuller


Our featured guest this week is Jason Schuller from Seattle in Washington. You may know him from or you may know him as the guy behind Leeflets or Droppplets. Or maybe you know his new project Cinematico, which is a website solution for people who have a video channel on Vimeo or YouTube and want to create a website with all their video content.

Jason has spent the last six years in the WordPress space selling premium themes and he’s learned a lot. If you’re struggling in your business because you’re doing everything yourself and you feel like you’re treading water then this episode is for you.

Jason’s got a lot of good advice on how important it is to surround yourself with other people and how important it is to let go of control so you don’t burn out.



Episode #32 – David Jenyns from Melbourne Video Productions

David Jenyns

Today’s guest is Dave Jenyns from Melboune SEO Services and Melbourne Video Production. Hold on to  your seats because you’re going to learn how traditional SEO is dead and then what you can be doing to mitigate the risks of losing your online visibility (because Google keep moving the goal posts). Dave is passionate about authority centred marketing and positioning yourself as an authority in your field. You’ll learn how to create remarkable, compelling content that helps position you as a leader in your market place.