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Episode #97 Chris Lema

Chris Lema

On this episode of the WP Elevation Podcast, we’re finally sitting down with Chris Lema. Chris is the chief technology officer and chief strategist at Crowd Favorite, in addition to being a well-known speaker at WordCamps across the globe.

Chris joins us to share his tips on prioritizing duties, how he encourages his employees to stay on board long-term, and why he thinks the WordPress community is so welcoming and accessible. Listen in for all of these insights and more on this episode of the WP Elevation Podcast!

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Episode #96 Rebecca Gill

Rebecca Gill

On today’s episode of the WP Elevation Podcast, we’re chatting with Rebecca Gill. Rebecca is the founder of Web Savvy Marketing, a digital marketing firm that specializes in SEO-friendly WordPress themes.

Tune in to hear Rebecca detail her journey from ward of the state to accomplished WordPress entrepreneur. She also sheds light on building a successful team, the importance of communicating with clients, her unique business model for WordPress support, and more on episode 96 of the WP Elevation Podcast.

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Episode #95 Naomi C Bush

naomi c bush

On this episode of the WP Elevation Podcast, our guest Naomi C Bush chats with us about how she became a WordPress developer. Naomi is a successful software developer, an organizer of a local WordPress meet up, as well as a speaker at WordCamps.

Join us as Naomi details how she got her start, and shares her insights into working for yourself, becoming a speaker, and finding your sweet spot on today’s WP Elevation Podcast!

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Episode #94 Kristina Romero Follow-Up

Episode #94 Kristina Romero Follow-Up

Today’s episode is a follow up to our previous show with Seth Godin and Kristina Romero. We’re chatting with Kristina to find out what it was like to hear Seth’s advice, what she implemented and how it’s worked out for her since then.

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Specifically Kristina talks about the advice that was most difficult to hear, how she has since defined her specialty and the status of her video project – it’s all here on episode #94 of the WP Elevation podcast.


Episode #93 Brian Bourn


On today’s episode of WP Elevation we’re talking with the other half of Bourn Creative, Brian Bourn.

Brian joins us to share what it’s been like to work as part of a husband-wife team, why personal brands are so vital to your success and where he sees his business going in the future.

We cover a lot on today’s show so sit back, listen in and enjoy episode #93 of the WP Elevation Podcast.

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Episode #92 Dustin Hartzler

Dustin Hartzler

On today’s episode of WP Elevation we’re talking with Dustin Hartzler, a happiness engineer at Automattic and the host of the Your Website Engineer podcast. His podcast is consistently at the top of the Google search rankings and in the iTunes search results for WordPress podcasts!

If you think you know something - teach it! @dustinhartzler

Dustin talks about his first experience with WordPress, how his podcast got started, and what it’s like working at Automattic. It’s all here on episode #92 of WP Elevation.


Episode #91 – Seth Godin and Kristina Romero

Seth & Kristina

On today’s episode of WP Elevation, we’ve got something new for you! In a totally different style and format from our usual interview, we’re bringing the one and only best-selling author Seth Godin on to chat with one of our own WP Elevation members Kristina Romero.

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Seth, Kristina and I talk about where she is in her business, where she wants to go and the best strategies to get her there. It’s an incredibly insightful and informative show thanks to Kristina’s candidness and Seth’s amazing marketing mind!


Episode #89 Shane Melaugh

Shane M

Our guest for today’s show is Shane Melaugh. Shane is the creator of Thrive Themes and he has a background in info products and software including SECockpit, a search engine keyword tool.

Today, Shane shares his insights on why so much of success is about the grind, why authenticity is vital to communicating effectively with your audience and why business isn’t about money for him so much as it’s about creating something of value.

I don't pursue the business just as a way to generate money -@ShaneRQR


Episode #88 Kronda Adair​

Kronda Adair

Nervous about presenting in front of large audiences? Worried about going it alone as an entrepreneur? Join us this week as our guest, web developer and founder of Karvel Digital, Kronda Adair speaks about her experiences trying out entrepreneurship for the first time. We also discuss where her success as a leader comes from, and how she used her love for Xena: Warrior Princess to learn more about web development on this week’s episode of WP Elevate!

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