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Episode #54 Ryan Sullivan from WP SiteCare

Ryan Sullivan

Ryan Sullivan started out as a freelancer building websites for clients until his freelance business got so busy he no longer had time to go to work. So he quit his day job and founded WP Site Care, a WordPress maintenance business that takes the stress out of WordPress and turns technology into an asset instead of a barrier.


Episode #53 JD Peterson from Scripted

JD Peterson

JD Peterson is Senior Vice President  of marketing at I’m not even sure what that means but he tells me he spends a lot of time looking at data and talking with customers. Scripted started out as a marketplace to connect screenwriters with studios. After three years of struggle they pivoted and within 11 months raised their first $1 million in funding. They now connect writers with businesses that need content.


Episode #52 – Tomaz Zaman from Codeable

Tomaz Zaman

Our guest this week is Tomaz Zaman from Codeable and he joins us all the way from Slovenia. In this episode you will learn: how to write the perfect brief for a WordPress developer: why it’s important to have an opinion: and what to do with the money when you raise funding.


Episode #49 Mason James from WPValet

Mason James

Building a successful business is all about adding value to your customers, pricing that value accordingly and then optimising your processes internally so that you can deliver that value at a profit. Mason James from WP Valet has done this very well and tells us how in this episode of the WP Elevation podcast.


Episode #48 Alex Moss from FireCask


Alex Moss is one of the directors at FireCask (his wife is the other) and he is co-founder of Peadig, a Bootstrap WordPress development framework (which he is giving away as a prize – $189 worth of goodies up for grabs). He has also overcome fear of failure, fear of public speaking and fear of looking silly and managed to interview Matt Mullenweg AND Mike Little (the 2 co-founders of WordPress) as well as post guest blogs for Moz, Smashing Magazine and Search Engine Watch. Oh and his client list is very impressive – as is the list of plugins he develops (Facebook Comments anyone?)…Let’s meet Alex Moss.


Episode #47 Jason Swenk from

Jason Swenk

Jason’s best friend looked so much like Justin Timberlake that they used to use this to get into parties and venues. Jason built a website called N’Shit to make fun of Justin Timberlake’s band at the time N’Sync. The website was a hit. From these humble beginnings Jason went on to build a multi-million dollar web agency, sold it and now teaches agency owners how to elevate to the next level.


Episode #45 Rob Walling from GetDrip

Rob Walling

Rob Walling has hit two home runs launching software apps in very crowded marketplaces, namely SEO and e-mail marketing. His most recent success, Get Drip Email Marketing was launched without writing any code. Even after his successes, Rob still battles the voice of doubt but manages to push through to run 2 products, write a book, host a podcast and run an annual conference.