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Episode #70 Jack McConnell

Jack McConnell

Jack McConnell of Voltronik in Bath, England is a RAR-certified, one-man web design and development company. He offers great advice from his years of experience as a designer, developer and consulting. A contributor to the WordPress Community, he has contributed to the popular Custom Field Suite plugin and the Bones starter theme. In addition, McConnell has developed two free plugins of his own.

McConnell is also partners in a web repository of tested, proven and recommended WP plugins at TidyRepo.

In this episode you’ll learn great tips and tools for running a WordPress design and development business, as well as how to grow your business while working with others in a co-working space.

The secret to @jackmcconnell success."People wanted sites they could edit themselves." #Understand the #client.



Episode #69 Curtis McHale 

Curtis McHale

$1 million a year in revenue is just over $83K per month. That’s what Curtis McHale is aiming for in 2015. Curtis is a freelance WordPress consultant from Canada who helps other freelancers turn their hobby into a real business. He knows a lot about processes, client management, being debt free and shares his knowledge freely on this episode of the podcast.

I believe you transfer value primarily, and then money is a reward for that. @curtismchale


Episode #68 Kim Gjerstad from

Kim Gjerstad

Kim Gjerstad is one of four founders of MailPoet, an email newsletter plugin for WordPress. According to BuiltWith, MailPoet is installed on over 94K websites at the time of writing. Let’s learn how Kim and his team have used the freemium model to grow their business and the challenges they have faced along the way.

Be honest with yourself; know your limits; stick to your guns. @kgjerstad


Episode #67 Zoe Rooney from

Zoe Rooney

Zoe Rooney is a front end developer from Philadelphia who has defined her niche and turned her skills and passion for WordPress into a successful business allowing her to work from home and spend time with her kids. Let’s learn how she’s done this.

If you want to be an entrepreneur you have something that you really want to do...something that really drives you


Episode #66 Justin Ferriman from LearnDash

Justin Ferriman

Justin began his career selling learning management systems to Fortune 500 companies. Then he fell in love with WordPress. The natural progression from that was to build a learning management system for WordPress. Hence the birth of LearnDash. We use it here at WP Elevation and we love it. I met Justin at WordCamp Chicago in 2013 and I’m now thrilled to have him on the podcast.

Market research is not sexy, but we did 10 months of it before we launched.



Episode #64 Dave Hecker

Dave Hecker

Dave Hecker is here to help us successfully outsource development work so we can grow. He has written the book on outsourcing and now runs a matchmaking service that he calls “the eHarmony of outsourcing”. Dave understands all too well what most outsourcing projects fail and offers some great advice to make sure we are amongst the few who succeed.

WordPress is a gateway service - @sourceseek


Episode #62 Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor describes himself as a marketing developer. I believe this is the most valuable position you can hold in the current WordPress ecosystem if you are building solutions for clients. I think Greg agrees. Discover how Greg has carved this niche out himself and what it has meant in terms of transforming his business.

I like to surround myself with the best people...and get out of the way! - @grtaylor2


Episode #61 Ben Stickland

Ben Stickland

Ben Stickland made lots of money as a kid selling tulips on the side of the road. Then he spent two years making very little money as a web developer. Now he makes lots of money again selling complex custom websites to large organisations and marketing software to small business. Ben is here to help us elevate…