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Episode #15 – Alex King

alex king crowd favorite wp elevation podcast

In Episode #15 of the WP Elevation podcast I had the pleasure of chatting with Alex King from Crowd Favorite – one of the true gentlemen of the WordPress community. Alex is one of the original contributors to WordPress and is also well-known for several plug-ins including Twitter Tools and the Disqus commenting system plug-in among others. Alex has had some personal challenges in recent times and I thank him for speaking openly and honestly with me in this interview which is full of gold.

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Alex very kindly sponsored a copy of RAMP valued at $249 for this weeks competition. Watch the interview to learn how you can enter.

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Show Notes

A few days after this interview he emailed me with a link to his brand-new Admin Column View plug-in which allows you to view yiur WordPress pages in column view similarly to how you browse your desktop files. His company crowd favourite also makes Capsule, a journal for code developers and RAMP,  a platform for deploying content between staging and live environments for WordPress.

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Alex on his twitter at @alexkingorg and on his website

Suggested Guest

Alex suggested I interview Karim from VeloMedia. Karim, I’m coming to get you.

Competition Hint

Hint: to enter the competition, tell us the one feature you’d like to see in a future version of RAMP.


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  • NickJam

    Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed Alex’s responses. It seems that his focus on structure allowed him to manage his growth even without a CRM. Did you notice that one of the problems discussed at the end of the podcast (columnar page hierarchy) is solved through a plugin posted on Alex’s website. Got to love that.

    I’ve not used RAMP so I don’t have a suggested feature but would love to win a copy because it sounds
    like it could make my content deployment process cleaner and more efficient.


  • rickalee

    Ramp Feature Request – Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

  • chzumbrunnen

    In a future version of RAMP I’d like to see a list for unattached media that is only available on either staging or production (and maybe even with the timestamp of the file itself). Very interesting tools and plugins from Crowd Favorites, not only but also RAMP.