The WP Elevation Blueprint is a system for running a successful WordPress consultancy

Monthly webinars and coaching calls to help you implement the WP Elevation Blueprint

A very active community of WordPress consultants working together to help each other

Relentless support from us to help you become an exceptional WordPress consultant

What you get as a WP Elevation member:

  • a blueprint for running a successful WordPress consulting business
  • ongoing training and templates to help you implement
  • an active community of peers to help you grow
  • relentless support from us
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The WP Elevation Blueprint is a system designed to help you build an exceptional business as a WordPress consultant. It will not help you code WordPress websites, teach you PHP, CSS or show you how to design beautiful themes. There are plenty of other places you can learn those skills.

It will help you find great clients with interesting projects and realistic budgets to work with. It will help you avoid wasting time with tyre-kickers and it will help you optimise your internal processes so you can make a profit, whatever your size.

The Blueprint covers six major parts of your business:

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To help you implement the WP Elevation Blueprint in your business, you’ll receive access to members-only webinars and coaching calls where you’ll learn how to position yourself as a premium consultant and start doing business on your terms.

Each month, WP Elevation members join a live training webinar to learn about one aspect of the WP Elevation Blueprint. These webinars consist of:

  • 60 minutes deep dive training
  • 30 minutes live Q&A
  • templates that can be downloaded and implemented straight away

Past webinars have included:

  • finding new clients
  • writing killer proposals
  • how to price your services (with special guest Chris Lema)
  • generating referrals from your existing clients and
  • how to follow-up clients.

There is also a live coaching call every month for members to get online and get their questions answered. All webinars and coaching calls are recorded and posted into the members website so members can re-watch them at any time.

Here is a sample of what to expect.

regular training

The WordPress community is passionate about giving, sharing and learning. So it’s no surprise just how passionate WP Elevation members are about helping each other.

Like these examples:

ashley-hartAshley from New Zealand shared a Google Spreadsheet in the forums outlining how he packaged up his website maintenance and backup services into products his clients can buy. Other members are now using this spreadsheet to package their own maintenance products.
rosie-taylorRosie from the US jumped on a training webinar and learnt about building benefits into her proposals. A few days later she told the rest of the members how she used the proposal template from the WP Elevation Blueprint to increase her fees and it worked.
david-fullerDavid from Melbourne shared his ideas for getting more of his clients onto subscription plans rather than just having one transaction. David also used the forums to flesh out the emails he wrote to announce his new business model to his existing clients.

Member’s Only Forum

The forums are very active and they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And because there are WP Elevation members all over the world, there’s usually always somebody in there you can bounce ideas off.

Weekly Digest

wp elevation weekly digestWe also send out a Weekly Digest email to keep you up to date with everything going on in the forums along with some suggested reading.

Click the thumbnail to see a sample.

active community
I have joined many programs over the years and spent a lot of money on professional development. The one lesson I have learned is that you only get out what you are prepared to put in. That’s why I am so fanatical about supporting all WP Elevation members. I monitor the forums and the comments and questions for each training video and webinar and make sure everyone gets the answers they need to implement the WP Elevation Blueprint in their business.


We also run a support desk for any questions about your account or any technical questions you may have about the member’s website, webinars or coaching calls. I am pleased to say we have successfully answered all support tickets since we began.

Got a Question

If you have any questions about joining WP Elevation, drop us a line. We’d be happy to answer you query.

Speak To Me

If you’re still unsure, try calling me on the phone right now. Seriously. I’m usually in Australia, so if I’m sleeping leave a message and I’ll call you back when I’m awake.

+613 9015 WORD (9673)

Or feel free click the button to start a Skype chat with me:

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relentless support

7,839 WordPress consultants have already studied some of our training to help them grow their businesses in 136 countries.


I’ve seen too much in the way of marketing malarkey that promises much and delivers little. However, the information in WP Elevation, the encouragement given and the resources provided to help us stop thinking small and step up have been invaluable. I’m loving putting some of these structures into place. WP Elevation couldn’t have come at a better time.

Dee Teal – WordPress Consultant and WordCamp Lead Organiser Melbourne, Australia

The WP Elevation Webinar changed everything about how I approach sales for my WordPress consultancy. Troy set my expectations sky high, and then he more than delivered. I was wary of the hype, but this was easily the best money I’ve ever spent on business coaching.

Matthew Eppelsheimer – WordPress Consultant, Portland, Oregon

This program contains actionable items with support material so we can get started right away. One of the best that I have attended, not just because of what was presented, but because you actually had templates to back it up. I have been jaded by most programs that simply exist to pitch more products, but this is excellent.

Jason Vance – WordPress Consultant, Edmonton, Canada
We’ve all bought lame stuff on the internet before, so here is my guarantee to you that this is not lame.

First off, there is no contract with WP Elevation, you can cancel anytime.

Secondly, if you are not 100% satisfied with WP Elevation and you don’t believe the program will help you attract better clients with better projects and allow you to charge better fees, let me know within 60 days from the purchase date and I’ll give you a full 100% refund.

My email address is

That’s me on Boracay Island in the Philippines in July 2013.

Why Should I Trust You?

I have been building websites for clients since 2000 and using WordPress since 2007. I met my business partner Brian in 2007 on an Easter holiday in Port Macquarie and we started Video User Manuals in 2008.

I started a web design shop in 2009 with another business partner and we were a six figure business (and profitable) in our first year. We never borrowed a cent from any banks or investors and spent nothing on advertising. After three years, I wanted to move in a different direction so I dissolved the partnership so I could focus on Video User Manuals with Brian.

I bought an apartment in St Kilda East in Melbourne in September 2012 (which means I have a lovely mortgage) and I’m engaged to be married. I’m not going anywhere.

I love WordPress. I love marketing and I love being an entrepreneur. I listen to marketing, WordPress and entrepreneur podcasts everyday, spend hours watching videos and interviews and invest thousands of dollars into my own education and development. This is my passion and my life. I can’t wait to meet you and share everything I know.

What Makes You Qualified To Help Me?

Experience. Not a course or some theory or something I read in a book once. Experience.

It’s called “Eating your own dog food“. Which means everything I say and teach I have tried and tested and proven in my own business.

Yes that’s right, just like you, I consult with clients and use WordPress to deliver websites and solve my client’s business problems. This is how Video User Manuals was born in the first place; it was something I needed for my clients.

The good news for you is that I’ve already tested all that rubbish floating around the internet that doesn’t work and I’ll help you avoid it and save you months of failed experiments.

Is There Any Ongoing Cost?

To get the benefits of the WP Elevation program there is an investment of $97 a month. If you don’t feel like you’re getting value out of your membership, or things just get tight you can cancel anytime and we’ll stop billing you immediately.

How Does The Program Work?

It’s real simple.

It all revolves around the WP Elevation Blueprint which is a system designed to help you run a successful WordPress consultancy.

Once every month you’ll receive an email with a link to login for a training webinar. Each webinar will focus on teaching one aspect of the WP Elevation Blueprint and will last around 45 minutes with an extra 20 – 30 mins for live Q&A. Topics we have already discussed include proposals, pricing, lead generation and referrals. Recordings of these webinars are already available to watch in the member’s website.

In addition to the training webinar, you’ll receive another email once a month with a link to login for a live coaching call where you’ll be able to get online and get your questions answered. These coaching calls are all about helping you implement any part of the program you’re unsure of and making sure you get results.

All of the training webinars and coaching calls are supported by pre-built templates and resources so you can start using the program immediately. There are pre-written emails, proposal templates, meeting agenda’s, website enquiry forms, everything you need to start attracting better clients with better projects and better fees.

The webinars, coaching calls and all the resources are kept in a very well organised member’s website so you can login, watch the training and download the templates whenever you like. You can also download all the training and watch it offline as well as on your tablet or smartphone. There’s additional video training in the member’s website too so you can go deeper on certain aspects of the WP Elevation Blueprint.

You’ll have access to a member’s only forum where you can network with other members and learn what’s working from WordPress consultants all over the world. This forum is very active and the quality of conversations and resources being shared is outstanding.

You can also ask questions and leave comments directly under each training to make sure you’re on the right track.

It’s like having a coach and a group of peers in your business every day helping you grow and succeed. No more guesswork. Lots of support.

NB: You also get access to the Video User Manuals plugin at no extra cost. This is usually $24 per month.

How Do I Know This Isn't Rubbish?

Read the testimonials on this page and remember: there’s no contract and you have a full 60 day money back guarantee. So come on in, try it out, get on one of the webinars and coaching calls, download all the videos and bonuses and if it’s rubbish, ask for a refund within 60 days and I’ll give you all your money back and you can keep all the downloads. It can’t be any fairer than that.


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Fantastic webinar on pricing this morning from @troydean + @chrislema. Fully equipped to step up my game. #WordPress
– Jeni Elliott, The Blog Maven, USA