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3 Ways to Increase Sales Today

3 Ways to Increase Sales Today

I remember selling our first website (HTML) for $300 and feeling as though I had just hit the lottery.  Skip ahead 15 years and we’ve had projects in the $30K range.  How do you do that?  How do you drive sales up in less than 15 years?  Here are 3 ways to increase your sales today.

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The Discovery Process – A Fact Finding Adventure

coffee shop

I was standing behind the espresso bar, wearing my usual green apron. Like a thousand customers before him, he walked up to the counter and stared helplessly at the menu, trying to interpret foreign-looking words and make an educated decision on what he wanted to drink.

Was it a life or death decision? No. But a $5 coffee is a treat for most people and he didn’t want to order something he’d regret after one sip.

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Episode #100 Troy Dean Interviewed by Jason Resnick

Troy Dean Interviewed by Jason Resnick

Welcome to the WP Elevation Podcast! In honor of our 100th episode we’re doing something unique: I am the interviewee. The tables have been turned and I am being interviewed by our friend and former guest of the show, Jason Resnick of

When Jason joined us for his episode, episode #83, he gave my name as his suggested guest. I told him if I were to be interviewed for the WP Elevation Podcast, I’d need him to come back and do the hosting job, and he agreed.

So kick back and tune in to hear Jason and I talk about how WP Elevation came to be, what I do in my free time and much more!

WP Elevation exists because our audience asked for it. @TroyDean


Fear, Anxiety, Hunger. What’s eating you?

Whats Eating You?

I believe in cycles. Everything cycles up and down or back and forth. It may not always be regular, but it comes and goes. I’ve found this in my marriage, my parenting, my hobbies, my relationships and my work, among other places. It’s a truth in my life that things ebb and flow in interest, energy, understanding, enthusiasm, etc. I no longer worry when things are not always peak, I realize it’s just an ebb.

However, there are times when these ebbs turn negative and ugly things like stress, anxiety, and fear enter the equation. When it comes to this I have to sit back and find a way to figure out what the problem is exactly, or else that feeling will prolong an ebb and take over certain areas of my life until I deal with it.

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WordPress + Content = The Holy Grail of Marketing

Do You Have a Content Strategy?

 So I’ve gone down a bit of a rabbit hole.

This time, however, it’s a strategic rabbit hole (does such a thing exist?).

Let me give you a quick little backstory before we get into the heart of this post.

When I started blogging and writing content 7 1/2 years ago, I didn’t have much of a strategy. There was plenty of information available about blogging (not quite as much as there is today or the same quality, but it was still available) but I didn’t dive into any of it. When I started my business, I thought I’d be an information, marketer. I wasn’t thinking web development or creating websites at ALL. Furthest thing from my mind. Then I found WordPress and the rest are, as they say, history.

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Episode #99 John Warrillow and Seamus Anthony

Episode #99 John Warrillow and Seamus Anthony

For our 99th episode, we’re covering a very important topic: Recurring Revenue. If you’re like a lot of other business owners and freelancers the only time you get paid is when you’re on a project – you don’t have an ongoing source of income.

Here to share a better business model are John Warrillow and Seamus Anthony. They’re discussing real world experiences on implementing recurring revenue in your business, how to do it and why it’s so important. Listen in for all of that and more on today’s 99th episode of The WP Elevation Podcast!

Most freelancers confuse a job with a business. @JohnWarrillow


7 Tips For Better Freelancing Contracts


The first lesson I learned as a freelancer was to have a contract in place. @Byanofsky

The first lesson I learned as a freelancer was to have a contract in place. It took me a while to learn this, and also learn how to draft a decent freelancing contract – one that makes the client happy knowing they are dealing with a professional, and one that protects me as the freelancer.

Below are seven tips (as well as a few bonuses) I’ve gathered over the years that have helped me create better contracts.

(And please note, I am not a lawyer, so if needed, seek out the guidance of a legal professional).

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Why WordPress Services Are In Demand


WordPress has been conquering the Internet for over ten years now. Currently powering more than 24% of the Internet, the platform has become a de facto standard in various industries across the world.

While historically starting as a blogging platform, WordPress is mainly being used as a CMS and more and more utilized as an application framework. That progressive transition over the years has been the main reason different industries or business groups are embracing WordPress as their main toolkit.

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Episode #98 Sarah Pressler

Sarah Pressler

Today on the WP Elevation Podcast, our guest is Sarah Pressler! Sarah is a Texas-based WordPress project manager who is here to share her experience building WordPress websites and custom plugins.

Sarah joins us to discuss the advantages of working in a small team, what she gets out of attending WordCamps, the importance of acknowledging influential role models, and much more on this episode of the WP Elevation Podcast!

Focus on the good. @SarahPressler